About Jen

Jen has 15 years of experience as a mindfulness and meditation practitioner and is a seasoned therapist with experience supporting thousands of clients in individual sessions, outpatient groups, and workshops. She has offered training at schools, mental health conferences, universities and agencies. Jen is also a registered yoga teacher, specializing in restorative and gentle yoga as well as trauma-informed yoga practices. She is a reiki practitioner and a deeply creative soul who has been on her own path of creative healing for over 15 years. Having suffered from and in recovery for depression, anxiety, addiction, family dysfunction, chronic hopelessness, shame, myalgia, acid reflux and loss of self, she has made her own self love journey the biggest priority in her life, devoting her time and energy to turning within. As a result, her life continues to evolve naturally with peace and inner wisdom as her guiding force. Because of this ability to identify with her True Self she can now experience relationships with a loving partner, friends, her work, family and her higher power. She is an artist, creator and maker, sensitive and intuitive and has a genius where she is able to connect and explain ideas and concepts in a practical and easy to understand way.