Jennifer Mele is a licensed psychotherapist, yoga teacher, and artist specializing in meditation and restorative yoga. She has almost 15 years of mindfulness based practice and training and is deeply dedicated to supporting people in releasing their inner critical voice that often prevents them from taking time to relax. 

Restorative Yoga

75 minutes is equal to 4 hours of well rested SLEEP!

Some Other Benefits:

Healing within the body can only happen now. We live in a society where we feel guilty for being still, or if we take time to be still, we are usually doing something else. This prevents the body from properly resting if our attention is split on many different things at once. 

Restorative Yoga switches you from the stress response into the relaxation response in 15 minutes: the sympathetic nervous system (fight, freeze, flight, fawn response) to the parasympathetic nervous system (rest, relax, and digest response) within 15 minutes. 

Activates cerebro-spinal fluid which increases the flow of energy and information processed in the body. 

Increases digestive functioning- Helps reduce bloat, acid reflux and digestive illnesses

Supports Meditation Practice- Restorative yoga is a doorway into stillness for even the most restless person.

Improves Sleeping Habits- Combats insomnia, restless sleep, and difficulty falling asleep by using one of the most impactful poses in yoga, legs up the wall.

Helps You Cope with Everyday Stress

Creates feelings of warmth love and peace

Can Be Done in the Comfort of Your Own Home- One of the perks of restorative yoga is getting to use many different props and allowing your entire body to sink into and be supported by lot's of blankets, pillows, and bolsters. 

This is wonderful if you have access to a yoga studio that offers classes with these props. 

However, what happens if you like this practice so much but you don't have the props at home? 

What if there are no yoga studios in your area that offer restorative yoga? 

What if you want to develop your own practice so that you can have the benefits of restorative yoga on a daily basis but you don't want to have to worry about bringing your props everywhere you go?

I created this class just for you so that you can practice restorative pretty much anywhere that you have a few pillows and a blanket and even more so if you are in the comfort in your own home. A

 In a culture where we constantly hear the message that we need to be doing something and constantly busying ourselves with work, entertainment, chores, and endless distractions, restorative yoga helps us to slow down, settle into stillness, and access what its like to be just be here now, without any pretenses. 



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