Hi Loves! This is Jen Mele of www.Jennifer Mele.com, Abstract Intuitive artist, Inspired Teacher & E-Course Creator and Sarah Delasandro of www.SarahDelasandro.com, an Abstract Artist & free spirit mama & wife, painting emotions, dreams & music. 


We are so excited to share about our upcoming class that we hope, with divine timing on our side, may turn into a series!


Welcome to, the Creative Goddess Vibe Tribe!!

A space for beautiful creatives, such as yourself, to join together and raise our feminine energy & goddess vibe exponentially so that we can bring our gifts more deeply, easily and joyfully into the world. 


If you are like us, then you are one special lady!

You either value your own healing as your first priority or you are starting to see the benefits of why it is so important.

You still have limiting beliefs about your own self care, feminine power, ability to receive, creativity, and living on purpose. (Let's face it, we all do!!)

You are ready to nurture yourself at a new level, because you are ready to feel energized, inspired & passionate each and every day. 

You wish to bring your light into the world, in whatever form that may be, and recognize that this world is in need of a rebalancing and reorganizing of masculine & feminine energy as one. 

You are looking to join in community with other likeminded creative goddesses because you understand that community and collaboration surpass competition and that we are in this together. 


You wish to be supported in maintaining a receiving mindset and within your feminine energy, which you recognize is either your primary energy source, or the type of energy you understand you need to develop in your life right now. 


(All humans have feminine and masculine energy. This is different from gender, identity, sexual orientation, sexual preference, anatomy etc. This is about the ebb and flow of the energetic sources of masculine and feminine energy with our world and the universe)



Saying Yes! Yes! Yes! to what you're hearing so far??!

You will fit righttttt in!! 

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Our first event "Bedtime Rituals" is taking place on the Spring Equinox! 

What better way to invite in spring, a time of renewal, blossoming and receiving than to have a sesh where we will learn & practice THE BEST bedtime rituals to access your feminine energy. 

On this LIVE class, We will each be sharing our favorite bedtime rituals, talking more about the vibe tribe and sharing lot's of nurturing guidance. 

How will you benefit from this class? 

You will feel taken care of, supported and nourished.

You will get to practice and/or strengthen self care rituals in you life. 

You will be surrounded by other lovely creative goddesses who wish to do the same. 

You will be inspired, uplifted and motivated to hold your feminine power more gracefully and to experientially understand the impact it has on others around you!


The space of the Creative Goddess Vibe Tribe is meant to be sacred, intentional and transformational. By us joining together with like-vibeness and intention, our intuition and wisdom is magnified!

Join us on the Spring Equinox, Tuesday March 20th at 8pm Est. 

Class is $20

It will include a recording you can keep as well as some other goodies we will be sharing. 

Make sure to sign up now!

The recording of the class will go up to $35 once completed! 


By signing up you will receive: 


  • A ticket with access to the Live Call on Bedtime Rituals
  • Access to a Recorded Version of the Class
  • Guided Meditation & Movement Practice
  • Space for Q&A for Sarah & Jen, two Creative Goddesses who love sharing their vibes with community
  • Some bonus goodies to keep you vibing after the call. 

Join us for our debut Creative Goddess Vibe Tribe Sesh: "Bedtime Rituals". It's going to be a real treat sharing this space with all of you AND welcoming in the the reawakening of spring!

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