Creative Healing and The True Self

Each of us has a True Self who enjoys being seen and seeing, being heard and hearing, likes to play and create, and embraces the dark and light sides of who we are. It is our source of wisdom, guidance, and when we are identified with it, gives us that inner knowing that we are plugged in. 

I specifically love creating, making things and self expression. These are some qualities of my True Self, my unique essence. Though your creative healing journey doesn't have to be about art, it is a creative process. 

It is about learning how to surrender to the creative energy of life itself and then that creative energy flows through you, guiding and supporting you every your every thought, breath and action.

Within the True Self are the inner artist, the inner child, the loving parent, and other compassionate, creative, and wise parts of ourselves.

There are also other parts in need of attention because they have been burdened by life circumstances and the need to survive circumstances out of their control. Some of these are the abandoned child, the angry teen, the hopeless one, the critical voice, the caretaker, the analyzer, and an array of protectors that try to manage and soothe.

 They end up recreating the same patterns that existed during our survival, blocking the loving voice and creative joy within, until...the True Self and it's power team come in to save the day. 

This True Self and all of the parts of who we are come alive when we allow our unique journeys to unfold, relieving survival parts of their roles, softening our inner critics and allowing our inner children to come out and play.


In this online space and with clients in my retreats and sessions, I share how art, yoga, meditation, self expression and therapy combine together beautifully to support you, the creative, sensitive, and intelligent soul.

To help you identify, form a relationship with, and unburden any parts of yourself that are obscuring the deep and delicious beautiful light that is within you . To open your heart by healing your inner critic, by feeling safe to talk and share, to feel the entire spectrum of your feelings and learn how to trust yourself, uncovering what truly brings you joy!