If you have found your way here, then you are ready to begin and/or continue releasing a relationship in your life.

 Maybe you find yourself repeating the same patterns with romantic relationships, friendships or family relationships over and over again.

Or maybe you find yourself thinking about this person often, even though they are no longer currently in your life. 

Regardless of where you are at, these journaling and art prompts will support you in releasing layers that are ready to be let go of.

This is a brave and courageous self-exploration and reflection process. 

 What we reveal from inside us can then be healed. Therefore, it is worth it to do this work!

Writing out our thoughts and feelings and expressing creatively with our hands and bodies are great ways to release stuck energy within our minds, muscles, and memories. 

Visually reading the prompts, writing out your own responses , moving your hands to create things, and sharing within a safe community will involve your whole being!

Of course, if you don’t feel like doing all of these, that is okay. However, I suggest trying to incorporate as many as possible, because art and expression allow us to experience, say and feel things that we may not have the words for and activate healing at all levels.