“The four together are absolutely beautiful!"

I have four pieces of Jennifer’s incredible art, paired together to make one statement on my wall. Her powerful use of colors has grabbed me! I love the gorgeous combinations brought together on canvas. The four together are absolutely beautiful! Keep painting, Jen, for all the world to enjoy!

-Barbara Heffernan

"I love the energy it brings to that corner of my home!"

I love the raw expression and all the little details. The colour composition is so beautiful; it draws you in. And the print quality is great! It is a smaller art print, but it really changes the space it is in. I love the energy it brings to that corner of my home. I look forward to adding more of your lovely pieces to my art collection in the future, Jen ♥

-Lise Lonsmann, Artist


"I love my treasured piece and Jenn’s work overall!"

Jen’s color palette very much appeals to me, as do the brushstrokes thereof! I feel calm and serene, when I look at the painting because what I see is an ocean and sunset in the abstract.

I especially like the light to dark/thick brushstrokes of color against the pale watercolors. Even in the darkest purple there’s a beauty and a richness that sits so well next to the mid-tones and the lightest of light. A splash of yellow among the teal and turquoise backdrop just brings it all home. Needless to say, I love my treasured piece and Jenn’s work overall.

-Pat D. 

"I feel inspired and relaxed when I look at my paintings!"

Jen - I love your artwork!! I am drawn to and inspired by the color combinations and I love how they look almost floral or butterfly/bird-like, but in an abstract way. I am enjoying my artwork-thank you! Keep on painting and creating! :)

I love the colors used-they are so vivid, yet also calming too. I am inspired by the flow of the paintings as well. They are just so unique! I feel inspired and relaxed when I look at my paintings.

-Jessica Horowitz

"You're truly a gifted artist & a beautiful soul!"

I love my painting, it looks a beautiful sunset! When I look at my painting I feel so relaxed!  So great to have met you, you're truly a gifted artist & a beautiful soul!

-Dee Harris

“Being Myself Is Enough”

Jen taught me that being perfect is only in our minds and isn't a part of reality. She helped me to open the door toward vulnerability and assured me it would only make me stronger. I know now that she was right.  Jen introduced me to the idea that being myself is enough, and that I am loved no matter how I think or feel. Having been a client of Jen I can honestly say that she was the first one to plant a seed on the path towards my overall growth as a complete individual. It is people like Jen that can inspire and jumpstart anyone to continuing to build a life worth living like I have everyday."

— Jodie W. 

“I Am Exactly Where I Need To Be”

I think for the first time I really, truly believed that I am exactly where I need to be. Then, I began to reflect on how far I've come and the vast knowledge I've gained through working with you over the past ten months. I am truly enlightened by the way that you explain things so clearly. I just wanted to say that I'm filled with immense gratitude for everything that I've learned thus far and for you being such an instrumental part of my journey.

— Kellie N. 

"I was actually just about to email you to thank you for tonight! It moved me in ways I could have never imagined. Beforehand, I wasn't sure what to expect."

And even though I was worried that not being physically present would alter the experience for me, that wasn't the case at all. The energy in the room was so palpable that I didn't need to be there to feel it.

After the session, I sat for a few moments and suddenly burst into tears. But the tears weren't out of sadness or anxiousness; rather, I felt like I was being cleansed from all of the judgments and blame that I constantly put on myself. I wish I had the words to describe this experience to you.

-Heather F. 

"Jen's accepting manner and calming essence allowed me to build a trust with her where I felt safe to put down some of my walls...."

I met Jen very early on in my journey. I was in a dark place and had built up so many walls around myself, physically, mentally and socially. I had no idea how shut off I was from the world and people around me.

Jen's accepting manner and calming essence allowed me to build a trust with her, where I felt safe to let down some of my walls and open up all the pent up emotions that I had. Jen's past experiences allow her to develop a close relationship with her clients and I was lucky enough to experience that.

-Olivia Z. 

"I never thought I could have that"

I am still feeling something I never really have, it's almost overwhelming, but truthfully indescribable. I never thought I could have that. So something tells me to thank you for guiding me to it and to thank you for being so kind, patient, and an amazing teacher. I feel exponentially grateful in this moment (and many moments) that our paths have crossed in life. 

— Joann J. 


“Restorative Yoga....So Relaxing.”

Thanks again.  I thought the session was great. It well exceeded all of my expectations because I have had mixed experiences with other types of yoga.  I really did not understand that restorative yoga could be so relaxing.  I have noticed over the past week a continuation of the process and have allowed myself to experience quiet again.  I often do several things at once and play audio books or lectures constantly but lately I have been just doing and being more.

— Leslie P. 

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