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The Spiritual Practice of Selling: Amplify Your Income without Compromising Your Integrity

This highly transformational training will help you set the foundation for sharing your paid offers with ease!

the spiritual practice of selling

Will teach you to:

⭐️ Overcome the #1 fear that gets in the way of heart centered entrepreneurs selling

⭐️ Feel confident knowing that solving your client’s problem is an act of service 

⭐️ Reframe rejection so you stop hiding and get visible consistently

⭐️ Talk about your offers with joy instead of fearing that no one wants to hear (or buy!) from you

⭐️ Use my favorite #1 strategy to ALWAYS stay in integrity

⭐️ Show up confident and revved up about your expertise so clients know you are exactly who they need to hire

⭐️ Become a magnet for high impact opportunities in front of your ideal clients so that your audience keeps growing and growing

⭐️ Learn marketing from a soul perspective so you share offers easily with passion

Amplify Your Income without Compromising Your Integrity


Hi! I’m Jen

I’ve been a therapist for over 10 years with a masters and license in clinical social work. I love helping spiritual and heart centered entrepreneurial women create long lasting, successful businesses that honor their authenticity and heart with confidence!

I’ve worked with hundreds of students and clients as a graduate school professor, therapist and speaker and I’m so excited to share my passion with you.

My heartfelt goal is creating massive impact for women, like you, the creative, empathic, intelligent, entrepreneur. I'm here to help you navigate the often confusing world of business visibility in an easy to understand way !