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Get Crystal Clear

Eyes on Your Brand

Personal Assessment & Brand Audit for Elevating your biz



You've been working hard on getting your content out into your community but you're not getting the clients & paying customers that you want. 


You're unsure if you're spending your time wisely on your social media and wonder if you could be optimize your content better.


You are looking for cohesion amongst all your platforms and are feeling confused about what's missing. 


You want expert strategy & marketing advice for your current website so you can start making sales.  


I'm glad you are here!

Sometimes we just need a little help from our friends with an objective eye to give us some feedback about where we stand when it comes to shining our message and brand. 


This is what the Beautiful Brand Audit will do for your biz. 


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Your Abundant Biz Consultant

Jen Mele, MSW  LCSW

Master Trainer, Biz Coach & ECourse Creator for Creatives & Healers




➲ Get COMPLETE CLEAR vision on your vibe & brand!

➲ Receive an assessment of your content, social media & marketing strategy so you KNOW exactly what's going on. 

➲ Get Specific Action Steps to Streamline Your Brand & Online Presence 

➲ Get Social Media & Opt-In Tips so You can Start Selling With Ease & Flow

➲ Dive Deep into your message and how to connect to your soulmate clients right on your website. 

➲ Bonus! Color & Design tips from a Professional Artist



Don't miss this jam-packed training full of lot's of high vibe insights & tricks! Squarespace is the Creatives Platform of Choice for a reason!


Claim your Brand Audit

and get a crystal clear overview of WHERE your Biz is at and WHERE it's going!