Expressively & Intuitively Painting takes all that I've learned over the past 3 decades. 


It also has taken a whole lot of unlearning in order to let go and be free in my movement, marks and life!


It wasn't until I allowed myself to MAKE A MESS that I could truly feel my joy.


Like getting paint everywhere!


And trying new art supplies without knowing what's going to happen!



As a recovering perfectionist, the freedom to break the rules has been liberating!

It comes in all forms too!


The rules of abundance, love, safety and security


The rules of shoulds and hav tos and what it means to be "good, right and okay"


The rules that get colorfully and creatively melted through in order to reconnect with who we truly are.


Here are some of the new "rules" I live byThe freedom to get things dirty.

The willingness to listen to what my body is telling me. 


The acknowledgement that my true self knows best. 


The radical idea that the answers I need are within me.


The magical perspective that everything happens in the right timing. 


The surrendering practice of expressing, trusting and feeling as the gateway to connection and meaning.


The life-changing phenomenon that whatever is in me can be expressed creatively in front of me.


And so many more . . . 

Want to Break the Rules Too? Lot's of Colorful & Expressive Inspiration Awaits!