I'm so glad you are here! Please take a look at my friendly disclaimer below so that you are aware of the limitations of this course. 

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How this course is structured:

DISCLAIMER: Please read the disclaimer above before you begin the lessons.

MAIN PAGE: This current page is your homepage. All of the lessons will be accessed here. Link is www.JenniferMele.com/release-course

LESSONS: Only the current lesson will be available below, plus any lessons that have been unlocked prior. To find the lessons, scroll down below the resources. The lessons are located below. To access each lesson, just click on the image that says Day 1, Day 2, Day 3....etc. I will send you an email when each new lesson is posted. 

RESOURCES: Periodically, I will unlock a new resource for you on this homepage which will offer some more food for thought. 

COMMUNITY SHARING on INSTAGRAM: There is healing in community! Please share using the hashtag on Instagram: #CREATIVEHEALINGCOURSE. Access to the Hashtag is at the bottom of this page and on each Days Lessons. There is no pressure to share, however, I love to see what you are making and others will find it healing as well. If you need help regarding Instagram & Hashtags, please reach out.

NEED HELP? If you would like additional assistance, please do not hesitate to email me at Ask@JenniferMele.com OR contact me on Instagram

MATERIALS SUGGESTIONS:  A spiral notebook, pad, journal or art sketchbook.  Pencil, pen, gel pens, paints, fingerpaints, watercolor, oil pastels, magazines for collaging. 



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