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Hi Loves! This is Jen Mele of www.Jennifer, Inspirational Mentor, Intuitive Paint Rebel & E-Course Creator. 


I would looooove to invite you to my passion course. It is TRULY a lifelong labor of love, dedication, AND healing. If you'd like to learn more about my journey through painful relationships into a beautifully healthy one, you can watch more here (coming soon). 


So my lady, at this point in my life, I have reached and worked with hundreds, if not thousands of people to help them change there lives, heal pain and have healthy relationships . So it's time to introduce you to :

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Why the name? Because not too long ago I was a girl and a woman who was terrified to break the "rules" in dating. I'm not even talking about the book but I might as well be.


You know what the rules are. Other people's ideas of what you should do. Fear Based Dos and Don't.  Scarcity Principles. Taking someone elses inventory. Trying to get an outcome by doing a certain thing IS micromanaging. 




Essentially, handling a spiritual problem with a physical solution. 




Believing I had to be perfect. 




Here's a glimpse at my bookshelf over the years:



He's Just Not That Into You

Why Men Marry Bitches

Why Men Date Bitches

Love Will Find You

Make Every Man Want You

Calling in the One

The Soulmate Secret


And what I was dealing with on a DAILY basis for more than 15 years!!


Obsessively reading Online Blogs

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Googling "Am I dating a narcissist? or " Is my boyfriend is a sociopath?"


Burning holes in the phone, the keys on my computer, and in my friends ears hearing me repeat with desperation over and over again my dating woes.

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Spending hours, days, and months analyzing, overanalyzing, worrying, obsessing about what a guy thought, what I should do, what was I doing wrong.

Feeling like shit, like one text or comment could ruin a potential relationship!

Suffering with incredible rejection pain after something didn't work out. 

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Confusing availability and attention with sex

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Feeling like something was wrong with me because I wasn't in a relationship


Comparing myself to other people. All. The Time. 

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Comparing myself to movies and movie characters. 

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Not letting myself dream or hope or imagine what my future would be like because I didn't believe I had one!

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Getting strung along by men who were not available for a relationship. 

Thinking this off and on again type of relationship...well, was a RELATIONSHIP! It wasn't. 

And then the SHAME. Oh the Shame! Judging myself for all of this!! I think that was the worst. 

Seeing intellectually what I was doing over time and yet STILL not being able to change it. 

It was vicious. 

It was some of the worst times of my life. 

And guess what. 

I've made it through. 

I did need help. I am so thankful for my mentor, my support system, the group I've attended for assisting me through this journey.

And you can too!!!

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One last thing before I tell you what I've learned. 

This is the kicker. It's a completely false belief that's circulating "out there" and I am going to squash it now. 


Believing I had to 100% believe!! 

Surprised? Trust me, I was too. 


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Here is some of what I've learned:


The world is full of incredible, gifted women who desire to have it all, have tremendously big hearts and have a lot of love to give....  

.... they are MADLY successful because they are super smart, lady geniuses with brilliance and flair to boot. 

.... they are executives, lawyers, amazing teachers, therapists and corporate savvy professionals. 

….. who intellectually understand what they want in a relationship but don’t know how to experience the emotional, energetic & practical steps to get there.

..... who have made shit happen but may not be realizing some of the missing keys to becoming relationship AVAILABLE.

These women often have a hard time:

believing in themselves

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believing that the right person is out there for them


have trouble holding their energy and power during the dating process


They understand intellectually that another person can’t complete them and isn’t their source, BUT they still keep falling into habits where they are letting go of their power. 


They understand Masculine energy, especially in their work and getting things DONE, however, they may be missing key Feminine energy components when it comes to attracting a relationship....(P.S. bringing in feminine energy into business works wonders too!!)


They might not know what holding their power in a relationship means


AND are super frustrated because they keeping hearing some version of the previous statements!!

They can feel stuck in the same patterns, disappointments & fears,  feeling like outside circumstances & people are reconfirming the very fears they started out with, that there is no one out there for them and/or that they are going to be in a painful dating process forever. 

How do I know all of this? Because I was and am YOU!! 




Here is what I have to say about that.

1. You are amazing. You wouldn’t be here connecting with me, my work, my emails if you weren’t. 


2. Your desires were given to you so that they can be fulfilled!

This life is not about punishment or a tease. (Trust me I've sung the anthem on this theme and Its. Just. Not. True)

It’s not about hopelessness and fear and desperation other words it's NOT about LACK. 


3. Feeling fulfilled and happy in healthy relationships is important to our wellbeing and adds to our lives, it does not take away from it. 

3. There is nothing wrong with wanting a relationship


4. There is nothing wrong with wanting to do things differently and asking for help

5. There is nothing wrong with wanting to have your own full life, within and without a relationship,  to maintain your independence, personal desires & your own life rhythms. 


6. It is normal in this culture to want to micromanage, feel anxiety about timing, overworking and giving up your needs in order to have something you want.


7. Just because it’s normal it doesn’t mean it’s helping you feel good and experience what you want. There is another way.


8.  There is nothing wrong with you for being SO over funky, fret-worthy, obsession inducing dating practices & habits.


9.  For not wanting to put so much energy in to your dating life

10. For not wanting to live in fear that you could miss the right person for you! (ughhh that's so exhausting!)


11. You get to have it ALL. To be successful, high vibing, happy & abundant as well as IN a loving relationship. 

There is nothing wrong with longing for another way.
AND most importantly. 

There is nothing wrong with you.

And there is definitely nothing wrong with wanting what you want. 

I’m on a mission to help women, just like you and me, to experience and live out their heart’s desires and inspirations. 



Because I KNOW this is the way we will live in a better world. 

Because as we each take care of ourselves and meet our own needs, we are then available to show up and help others. 


We are then making the wisest decisions for ourselves when we are available to ourselves and our desires. 


When each of us make the healthiest decisions for ourselves as individuals, individuals over time become groups, groups become causes & organizations, massive people with the same intention take impactful inspired action and massive inspired action creates trail blazing influencers who LITERALLY. CHANGE. THE. WORLD.

I’ve watched the principals I teach work in my life and in the lives of countless others.

I love helping genius, success savvy women to step into their power and create lives and relationships they feel good about. (PS: You are WORTHY of feeling GOOD just for being you and desiring the things and experiences you want.)

That is what Relationship Rebel is all about. 

My intention for you when you enroll in this course is that you will show up for yourself, dig into your desires, learn to trust yourself in everything, and create the life and relationships you desire. 


It is about healthy happy relationships, but it's also about so much more. It's about being true to your whole self. It’s about the next step that’s calling you. It's about your heart, independence, and your divine acceptance that a LIFE filled with relationships that LIGHT you up IS your birthright. 


One of the things that is different about me and my courses...

... I understand the practical, emotional, psychological, physical and THE energetic levels deeply. One of my geniuses is interconnection & simplification. I take ALL THE LEVELS and bring them together in an easy to understand way. That doesn't mean it won't blow your mind!! (In a spirited, happy way... not the mindfuck way!!)



....I understand the internal work of healing the past, removing limiting beliefs, clearing space for desires and becoming an energetic match for the things you want. I cannot even describe how well I know this. Years after years of repeating the same patterns and not knowing why. Now I know one of the reasons at least that I went through all of that. To share all of this with YOU!!


....I also understand the external work of taking inspired action, experiencing real time reactions & fears and letting new people in. I know what it takes. I know how to navigate you. 


....I know how to guide you through this process because I am in a healthy loving relationship today after years and years of being miserable and confused with dating.


......I’ve gone from dozens of painful, retraumatizing dating experiences to having a healthy relationship that’s commitment has unfolded naturally without me worrying ONCE about the next step in the relationship.



......We’ve seamlessly moved through friendship, to dating to vacationing to living together, to ring shopping to discussing our engagement, bachelor & bachelorette parties and our future wedding



....and internally I KNOW this is all coming and don’t have to worry or future think one bit. 


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....I understand how to teach you to access that place within yourself while ALL THE POSSIBILITIES exist.


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.....AND while I cannot control, predict timing or be in charge of YOU implementing the strategies and teachings I share, I can say with certainty that this process will make you READY, completely READY for when the right person shows up


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......AND it will fine tune your radar so that it is laser focused so you FEEL it’s coming and KNOW when the person arrives. 


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 I use these techniques and strategies in every area of my life….and ROMANTIC RELATIONSHIPS were THE most difficult area for me to date. 

I'm not your average coach online.


I am a seasoned therapist who has been working with clients from all walks of life, hardships, and experiences for the past 10 years.


I have my Masters in Social Work from Rutgers Unviersity, a Bachelors in Psychology from Boston University, and a Concentration in Mindfulness Studies. 


  I have led thousands of people on their path of personal growth through weekly sessions, groups, workshops, trainings, retreats and courses over the past 10 years. 


I am a trained & certified yoga teacher with a specialization in restorative, yin & therapeutic practices that use mindfulness & presence as a core healing modality. 


I understand the connection deeply, between mind, body & spirit. 


I am extremely intuitive, have a high awareness of creating a safe space, which has definitely not been my consistent experience with finding people to work with online. 


I understand and can assess where students and clients are fairly quickly AND guaranteed, most likely have been were you are at some point during this process. 


I have personally experienced what the material in this course can transform + the results of clients I work with on a weekly basis. 


I am launching this course for the first time, with a bank of my knowledge, expertise & experiences in this area PLUS a soothing, calming, compassionate presence that will not only accelerate your understanding and experience in relationships, but in ALL AREAS of your life.


Honestly, I feel that the compassionate presence and deep inner knowing COMES FIRST when choosing a mentor to work with and sets the environment and space necessary for healing and transformation to happen. 

This is the first time I will be taking a live cohort through a course like this, so it’s no doubt unique & special!


I also do not know how many times I will do this live so if you are looking for that type of connection, this may be exactly what you are looking for. 


Are you ready to join me?



Enrollment is open. See below for Signup Info. 

The course will start June 18th, 2018. 

Live Calls will be arranged based on availability of participants to the best of my ability. If you can't make the time there will be recordings.  

Success stories + payment options + course details

Course Curriculum:


Week 1

Dating & Relationships from Self Energy Instead of Parts Energy- What does this Mean?


Week 2
Being Ready Means Releasing Past Relationships


Week 3

Belief Busting & Getting to Know You Using the Parts Mandala


Week 4

Honoring Your Protectors


Week 5

 Your Inner Child


Week 6

Leading with Your Heart 


Week 7

Fine Tuning Your Radar 


Week 8

Spiritual Dating Principles

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 I'm super excited to offer 3 signup options so that there is something for everyone, including payment plans as an option. 





8 Weekly LIVE Group Calls -

Recorded for you to watch & re-watch with Lifetime Access


2 LIVE Q&A Sessions, also recorded with Lifetime Access

Weekly Group Check-ins/Q&A within a supportive Facebook Group

Lifetime Access to Keep Forever!



Goddess "Bedtime Rituals" for Self Care 1.5 Class Recording 

($297 value)



"7 Days of Attracting Abundance Thru The Divine Feminine" Meditation Series ($297 value)




"Love, Relationships & Co-Creating" Webinar with Alena Hennessy

($297 value) 

Special Bonus!!

"Couples Talk" Video Session with Jen and her boyfriend Dan

- what are available men thinking, feeling and hoping for when it comes to relationships

-words of wisdom from the masculine


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Payment Options:




Includes all of the above, PLUS

2 Sessions with me for 1:1 Mentoring 

Includes Your Unique Parts Assessment Using:

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A Limited Edition Journal adorned with Jen Mele Art 


Payment Options:




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Receive the 8 Class Recordings with this Offer 


If you feel called, led  or inspired toward this course, I would graciously love to have you . So much gratitude for those of you on this journey!!


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