An Intro to Digital Painting using the Procreate App


Hosted by: Jennifer Mele, Abstract Artist & Teacher.

Jen has used procreate to develop and expand her artistic practice on and off the canvas.

She has used her creations for selling prints, designing products & content, as well as to showcase her painting process to her viewers and collectors. 

This online class is an intro webinar for artists & creatives on how to use Procreate. 
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What is Procreate?
Procreate is an inexpensive app for smart devices that includes a world of capabilities. 
Whether you would like to use Procreate for play and fun or also use it for business, there is sooo much you can do with this app. 
What will this class teach?
You will learn basic techniques and skills to use the app so that you can immediately begin playing and creating. This is not an advanced course so if you have no experience with digital painting or procreate than you will find this to be informative. 
We will talk about the main features while I visually take you through a step by step process by screen sharing the program with you. 
Why use Procreate?
Using it for digital sketches Unintentionally I have found that procreate has become my go-to art journaling and idea sketching tool. I never realized how much I like digital art and design until I started using this app. 
Great for on the go One of the reasons I've really fell in love with this program is because I can paint and be creative ANYWHERE. I've made paintings while traveling on the train (and sold them afterwards), I've made them in bed when I'm too tired to go into my studio or just want to wind down and I've just been hanging out on the couch, doodling away.
No mess! Being a digital app means that there is no mess! Yes, that is one of the fun parts about painting. I love touching, feeling and moving around the paint. There's nothing that can replicate that exact feeling! However, I find this app extremely visually satisfying as well as a great way to move energy within my body and still make expressive strokes. And the best part dirty hands and NO cleanup!! Painting in bed was never so easy :)
So much less pressure! This is another reason why I love the app and also have found that is has helped to excel my regular painting skills forward. Because I can undo, redo, layer, crop and duplicate my work, there's a freedom and ability to let go without fear of making a mistake that can't be recovered from. As an expressive abstract artist, this is a priceless space to play and experiment in.
Edit and Rework Physical Pieces & Photography- One of the options allows you to upload an image into the interface and then you can go in and paint right over top of that image. This means you can pull out colors from photos and paintings that you love and you can also play around with ideas from a painting that you might be stuck on in your studio. 
Turn creations into prints, surface design The files are print ready and can be produced in your home with the right equipment or sent off to your printer or fulfillment company. Just checking to make sure size and resolution fits the requirements is key. 
Record your process to review and share New ideas constantly evolve without me even realizing it AND I have it all saved right in one spot. The app also does a time lapse of your process so you can go back and watch. It also allows you to share the video on social media and with others!