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A full guide to the evidence-based process of parts work (which shifts limiting beliefs naturally, without force or feeling like a failure at mindset work!)


Welcome to The 5 Star Life!

This training comes straight from my art & creative headquarters + spiritual abode  that's made for INSANELY smart, gifted & talented, creative high-vibe ladies who are devotees to their TRUTH. 



This free high value training will fine tune your rebel radar 

and connect you with your place of inner calm + clarity!!



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Who am I? 


I'm Jen and I've been a Lifelong Inspirational Teacher & Mentor.
I am a Biz Lady Coach, an Expert Therapist, a Mad Genius Ecourse Creator and a Vivacious Paint Throwin', Reggae Dancing, Abstract Intuitive Paint Rebel. 
I'm also a recovering perfectionist, survivor of complicated PTSD and a believer in the radical idea that you and I have our own unique truth within.
And that this path is the way to the love, wealth + freedom that you desire & deserve in your life.  
I'm a Writer, Speaker, Trained Yoga Teacher and a Licensed Clinician for 10+ years with a Masters in Clinical Social Work.
Growing up as a natural intuitive, a daughter of an alcoholic + dysfunctional family, a caretaker, a people pleaser and as an insanely bright, creative, visionary child, I was propelled forward as a seeker from a very early age, looking for answers to life's mysteries, and in particular, my own confining circumstances. 
Thru a resilience and perseverance that I can only call grace, I've found myself on an intensive journey with the necessity to understand & heal my own personal experience, a continuously deepening insight & wisdom into the human condition and a lifelong practice + mastery of reconnecting to my own inner self. 
Because of the years I've spent studying, mastering and putting in the daily , I am a Connection Queen!
Connection to my inner radar, my higher power and my inner children. 
Because of this I have built my entire business on the principles of trust, authenticity, deep listening and curiosity amongst a bunch of other values that I hold true to my heart as a practitioner who practices what she preaches!



Who are you?

☆ You know it's time to rise up and step into your power as an online influencer.

☆ You want to do things a different way than you've been doing them. 

☆ You want the spiritual fulfillment. 

☆You want the long lasting peace. 

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The radar we are developing in this training:

☆ Massively decreases stress like no other

☆ Eliminates Overwhelm

☆ Gets You Super Clear on Your Biz Besties (aka your soulmate clients)

☆ Supports you in creating the live of your dreams (#5starlife) 

☆ Discerns what's working for you and not working for you

☆ Taps You Deeply Into Your Vulnerability so Your Stardom Shines for all to see

☆ Is Your True North Star, Guiding You despite what others say or do!

☆ Creates a Long lasting foundation for a life & biz you love NOW which saves you time, energy, disappointment & moola later!

So what are you waiting for?


"I am exactly where I need to be"

I think for the first time I really, truly believed that I am exactly where I need to be. Then, I began to reflect on how far I've come and the vast knowledge I've gained through working with you over the past ten months. I am truly enlightened by the way that you explain things so clearly. I just wanted to say that I'm filled with immense gratitude for everything that I've learned thus far and for you being such an instrumental part of my journey.— Kellie N.

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"I never thought I could have that"

I am still feeling something I never really have, it's almost overwhelming, but truthfully indescribable. I never thought I could have that. So something tells me to thank you for guiding me to it and to thank you for being so kind, patient, and an amazing teacher. I feel exponentially grateful in this moment (and many moments) that our paths have crossed in life.  -Joann J. 


Don't forget!!

It's free and guaranteed to completely transform your life.