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Simple Landing 



Using Squarespace!


Squarespace is the Creative's Website building platform

that fits a MASSIVE amount of High Vibe Left Brain Needs!

I love this class!

I was toying with using Leadpages for months.

I even tried out a subscription!

However, I just wasn't ready to spend the pricetag on the program, especially, since I pay for Squarespace. I really wanted to find a way to do a stand out landing page right on my own site. 

Not only would this mean I wouldn't have to pay money for something I already had a capability for, it meant I could keep a cohesive look to all of my content! Win! Win!


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Your Presenter

Jen Mele, MSW  LCSW

Master Trainer, Biz Coach & ECourse Creator for Creatives & Healers




➲ This class is full of value as I walk you through the EXACT STEPS I've used to  create a landing page using your Squarespace website

➲ It will show you how to remove headers and footers so you get a nice, smooth look that creates FOCUSED attention for visitors

➲ It will show you how to create a pop up (just like a leadmagnet) where you can collect signups 

➲ It will explain image blocks and how to use them to define your content and really make it stand out!

➲ Walk you thru getting cute fonts and arrows that fit your brand

➲ Bonus- Learn about a free timer plug-in so you can alert customers & collectors about a time-limited offer!



Don't miss this jam-packed training full of lot's of high vibe insights & tricks! Squarespace is the Creatives Platform of Choice for a reason!


Your ticket to the Training

is ready & waiting . . .