Intro to Soulmate Client Attraction

A step by step process guaranteed to get you hooked up with a community that loves you and wants all your offers!


Tired of all the talk around finding your ideal client, hearing the words thrown around, and actually desire a CLEAR CUT path to zoning in clearly and who it is and what this actually means?


This class is the answer to your prayers!

5 videos of deep, transformational training material and concrete exercises to get you extreme clarity on who your ideal client is so you can start communicating with them!


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Your Presenter

Jen Mele, MSW  LCSW

Master Trainer, Biz Coach, Connection Queen  & ECourse Creator for Creatives & Healers






➲ This class will walk you thru all the step-by-step process of truly connecting with your purpose so that you can easily and effortlessly share it with your soulmate community. 

➲ Learn why a SELF ENERGY-led business is the WAY to attracting super loyal clients who love you and your offers

➲ Understand why parts (blocks/beliefs) may still be getting in the way to connecting with your ideal clients up until this point

➲ Deepen your understanding of how to naturally release parts blocking connection without force

➲ Learn the hidden key that NO ONE is sharing about brainstorming and how this form of Creative Free Flow ACTUALLY accelerates alignment to your purpose & gifts. 

➲ Get tuned in to Jen's energy so you can experience tangible shifts from her presence

➲See how Jen has taught thousands of clients and fans from her community over the past 10 years. 



Don't miss this jam-packed training full of lot's of high vibe insights & tricks! 



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