Expressive arts engage the whole person, helping us release emotions and become comfortable in our own skin. By using both the right brain (our creative side) in addition to our left brain (our thinking side) the integration of our emotional, physical, mental and spiritual selves is inevitable. This means that the creative energy & wisdom that lives within each of becomes what navigates us through life. 

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About This Group

Benefits of Groupwork

-Research has shown that group work is just as effective as individual work. 

- Research also shows that group work supports the healing process in different ways than individual sessions do.

-A group has a variety of relationships compared to the one to one relationship between therapist and client. 

-While more people can bring up more parts (emotions, fears, protectors) this is actually a good thing because these same parts are showing up in our current world.

-Since we will inevitably see our own social, emotional & relationship dynamics (parts) played out, the group provides us with a safe space to heal them.

-The connection between our higher self (higher power, wisest self, intuition) is a reflection of these parts and dynamics that we developed as children.

- The group relationship is called cohesiveness and is the healing foundation from which each person’s growth stems. 

-The therapist provides modeling and facilitation within the space to bring attention to these dynamics so we can reconnect with our own parts.

-In groups, we learn how to maintain our sense of self while at the same time engaging with others around us without losing who we are.

-Groups helps us develop trust, connection, and be willing to access vulnerability with others

-Feelings of shame, unworthiness, anxiety, and isolation are greatly reduced

-The more our awareness of our parts increases within ourselves, the healthier our present day relationships become. 

-Groups facilitate us becoming comfortable with our own self expression as we learn over time that we are seen, heard, cared for and care for others. 

I look forward to sharing this lovely experience with you! xoxo Jen


You, more than anyone else, deserve your own love and affection.
— Buddha
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