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Remember, feminine energy exists regardless of body, identity, gender, sexual orientation etc. It is an energy of yin that is balanced with the energy of yang. Some people identify more with yin, and others yang, 

However, we can all embrace our feminine power, our inner loving mother, and know
she is vital in keeping ourselves and the world in balance!

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Plus Get Your Female Power Gratitude Prompts!


Hi Loves! This is Jen Mele www.Jennifer, Abstract Intuitive artist, Inspired Teacher & E-Course Creator.


 I teach the philosophies & mindbody techniques I've personally used to create a compassionate inner relationship with my wisest Self, as well as transform my life from relationships, to business to my body & mind. 


This is how I create & sustain an inspired life: by continuously connecting to this inner wisdom which naturally unleashes the unique gifts that make me come alive. 

An inspired life is full of joy, peace, self expression & abundance. It is created by tapping into the unique guidance that can only come from inside of YOU. 

And I know the same is true for you! You have your own wise Self, Warrior & Intuitive within.


You also have gifts that are meant to be expressed and shared!! And when you do, you will feel it and you feel like you are truly living in the flow.  



Today’s topic is about.... Feminine Power & Embodying the Essence of Female Energy!



Thank you for being here today. The conversations, feedback, questions and life changing shifts you all share with me are what make ME feel alive!

Why? Because the more people who feel alive, the more joyful this world becomes!


It isn’t going to happen by default, it’s one inspired person with a peaceful life at a time that makes a happy & magical world. 


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