I never liked the sound of a “Discovery Session” or a “Clarity Session”.


I don’t know, I love discovery. I love clarity.

They just don’t really ‘fit’ the energy behind what I believe these sessions are all about. 


Working as a therapist for 10 years, I understand how important it is to acknowledge the relationship between therapist/mentor/coach AND client.


It’s not just about me creating space for you to feel safe, heard, supported & informed.

It’s not just about seeing if my teachings, classes and courses are a good fit for you because I desire working with my soulmate clients. 


It’s more than that. 


It’s about feeling the vibe.


It’s about seeing how you FEEL. Do you FEEL listened to? Do you FEEL heard? Do you FEEL supported?


When I have had these calls before or experience in person events where I’m getting the sales pitch, it would always seem like the other person was motivated by their OWN interests.


It didn’t matter if I felt fear…I needed to override that! It didn’t matter that I needed time to think…that meant I was trying to avoid!!


No. no no. There is no need to force, there is no need to pressure. This is about feeling the vibe.


Yes, do I want to shower you with my gifts and usher you into a new way of living with my offerings??

OFCOURSE! I love to teach!!


Do I want you to believe in yourself and know that you can EXPERIENCE anything that is your hearts desire??

You KNOW it. 


But what I’m not going to do is instill fear in you to share what I know I have to give.


And I’m also wise enough to know there is more than enough for everyone.


If this isn’t the right fit for you, that’s okay.


Maybe it will be at another time.


Maybe it won’t be ever. I trust you know inside what is right for you. 


So this conversation then, is ALL ABOUT feelin’ the vibe as a provide you my value and you see if it resonates with yours.

Sound good?

You can sign up for your spot below!


I am here for you!

xo, Jen