You are here for a reason and it’s exactly what this world needs.

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If we’ve met and connected, I know you’re the real deal: smart, genuine, creative.

Your gifts (what makes YOU, YOU) are acts of service of all kinds.

First and foremost, to your Self.

Being fully expressed fills you up.

Second, it’s the optimal situation for others to rise up too.

So where are you holding back still?

Is it in your voice?

Is it in speaking up about your opinions and what sets you apart?

Is it hidden underneath the surface so instead you focus on your body, your hair, your skin as a distraction from digging in deeper?

It's okay. This isn't about tensing up around it. This is just a stirring to get gently curious.

For when you are doubting your gifts:

Denying your power

Ignoring your magic

Stifling your voice

The world is dimmer.

This I know for certain.

Which is why I unapologetically believe that you were given this life for one simple reason.

To be you.

And that this is the very thing that this world needs from you.

Not perfection. Not the perfect social media post. Not the ritualistic attempt to complete a never-ending to do list.

The world needs who you were born as.

It needs who you have always been meant to be.

So try out dropping a few layers today.

You don't need all of the busyness and the image that you thought you needed. 

I promise if you take a few extra moments to pause and check in with yourself, you will be quite surprised at what you find.

Regardless if you look inside and find discomfort or joy or anything in between, it's more than enough.

If it's problems, then you've got more than enough to focus on internally.

If it's solutions, then you've got more than enough to address right now.

If its joy, then you've got more than enough to share right now.

It's all pointing you in the same direction.

Without a doubt, the foundation to your desires, the source of fulfillment in all of your relationships, finances, health and success is found in the magnificence of YOU. 

Have a beautiful day.