What It Means to Be An Abstract Artist


I am so excited to share with you all, over the moon really, that I have a release date for my NEW COLLECTION!!

SEPTEMBER 18th it is!!

I have been painting my fingers and toes off for months now and this will be my FIRST official online EXHIBITION and the ART IS FOR SALE!!!


There will be abstract paintings of all sizes, small, large and in between and I can't wait for you to see it! 


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I think what's so amazing about Abstract Art is that it means something different to each person, the artist and the viewer!  


Yet at the same time, there is this constant conversation going on, a subtle yet powerful one that is where souls speak to eachother.

The inspired soul speaks through impressions and as humans I believe it is our life's journey to keep fine tuning so we can listen to these messages and take them as divine instructions to follow in our daily lives.


I am an abstract artist working with mostly acrylic, inks and often watery mediums.

What does Abstract mean to me?

It is truly a visual language.

Art is my truest self expression and it is the vessel in which the conversations of my unconscious parts (emotions, desires, healing experiences) speak visually.

As someone who found out I was a joyful painter 35 years into my life, it couldn't be more of who I am!! I have found it is the foundation of my being and all the work and sharing that I do.

Expressively and intuitively painting takes everything I've learned thru the years as a mindfulness practitioner, teacher & therapist in order to let go and release my inner critic and to truly be free in my movement and marks.

My work is this entire journey on display with color, energy, aliveness and contemplative space to surround it all. It is a celebration of what I have been through, of what I have healed and am still healing and of the joy that is my truest self.

There is often a zen feel and a primal energy to my work. I'm inspired by textures, light, fabrics, fashion and decor as well as so many different color palettes. However, you may notice that I absolutely love deep blues, indigo and rich violets along with lot's of metallic!!

Nature finds its way throughout my pieces, showcasing the same artist's hand that makes mountains, blooms flowers, sprouts botanicals and creates earth, fire, wind and water.

The unspoken words of my life now have a place to hang and I couldn't be more grateful then to exist in this limitless space of possibility and inspiration. Sharing this journey with others is a gift thatlights my Aries fire!
What does Abstract Art mean to you? Have you always been attracted to it? Do you have trouble "understanding" it? I'd love to know your thoughts in the comments of this blog post! 

Stay Tuned for More Celebrating and the BIG REVEAL!! Coming soon! The name of the collection!!





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