There is Enough Time To Receive Exactly What You Need

When we allow life to be a process, we start to see that things that were hard at one point, get to be easy at another. 

Life isn't so black and white. 

It's not all or nothing. 

If something doesn't feel right today, we can wait for another day. 

Contrary to what some might say, there is time. 

There is time to listen to what's inside of you. 

There is time to listen to what you need. 

There is no rush or urgency that will lead you to peace. 

Yes, you can make a decision now to choose peace. 

Yet, peace will come when peace will come. 

It starts with allowing peace in now during the process. 

To let what is happening happen. 

That doesn't mean we don't practice discernment or have no boundaries. 

It means, we notice and observe and then make the choice from our True Self. 



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