What to When You Can't Stop Thinking About Your Past

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Hi! My name is Jen Mele of Jennifer Mele.com, Abstract Intuitive artist, inspired teacher & e-course creator. 

 I teach the philosophies & mindbody Techniques I have used to create a compassionate inner relationship with my wisest Self as well as transform my life from relationships, to business to my body & mind.

 This is how I create & sustain an inspired life. by continuously connecting to this inner wisdom which naturally unleashes the unique gifts that make me come alive. And I know the same is true for you. You have your own wise warrior within An inspired life is full of joy, peace, self expression & abundance. It is created by tapping into the unique guidance that can only come from inside of YOU. 

Whose afraid of the friendly ghost? Is that how it goes? Casper anyone??

Even if those ghosts weren’t friendly in the least, I’m here to let you know that you don’t have to walk around today fearing those same ghosts are going to return or that you deserve to be haunted by past experiences, choices or mistakes that you’ve made.

If anything, it’s often the people who are aware and have already changed certain behavior or are aware and couldn’t have done something differently that can beat themselves up the most.

Let me repeat that again in another way. It is usually the experiences that we could not change that we beat ourselves up over the most because the constant obsessing, worrying and analyzing makes us FEEL like we are doing something, that it was in our control.

However, than we feel like utter shit because self blame and shame hamster wheels are some of THE worst feelings.

Please do yourself a favor and watch this video where I offer two helpful and compassionate tips on how to stop the past from haunting you so you can live an inspired life joyfully in the present!

Create a healthy mindset for wealth and freedom by letting go of the past, increasing calm and having confidence in your dreams and business.

What do you think? Compassion feels so much better doesn't it? And don't be hard on yourself if you are NOT there yet either. You WILL get there. 


I'm here for you! 

Xo, Jen