"Know Your Bod" Body Awareness Meditation!

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Hey guys! It's Jen here from jennifermele.com and I have a little goody for you today to assist you in getting more in touch with your body's wisdom! 

Body awareness meditation

The body knows.
Listen to your body
Come into your body

Have you heard these phrases before and not know what they meant?

You aren’t the only one and it’s not your fault that you don’t because most of us have grown up in cultures where we are reinforced for staying “safely” in our heads.

We learn to check out from our bodies and feelings, we escape into our minds where we can hide out.

Unfortunately, without conscious intention to shift out of our heads we will most likely repeat the cycle of staying in them.

Luckily! There are so many ways to develop the security and capacity for coming into our bodies! While we might have not had the control of how we learned to seek refuge in our minds, we can make the choice today to be willing to do things differently.

This meditation is a great start for understanding what it means to check in with your body.

Keep in mind, people fall on a spectrum of balance and the two extremes are 1) not having an awareness of the sensations, feelings and felt experiences in the body and the opposite side of the spectrum is 2) experiencing overwhelm because it appears like there are so many sensations, emotions and felt experiences competing for attention.

Both of these extremes are examples of a nervous system that has been over and under regulated based on life experiences and it is possible with both to come back more towards the center!

Check out my body awareness meditation and let me know what came up for you!

Can you pick one thing you noticed?

Did you feel differently before compared to after with the meditation?

I’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences!

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