What to Do When Dread Comes Up on the Way to Your Dream


Hi! My name is Jen Mele of Jennifer Mele.com, Abstract Intuitive artist, inspired teacher & e-course creator. 

 I teach the philosophies & mindbody Techniques I have used to create a compassionate inner relationship with my wisest Self as well as transform my life from relationships, to business to my body & mind.

 This is how I create & sustain an inspired life. by continuously connecting to this inner wisdom which naturally unleashes the unique gifts that make me come alive. And I know the same is true for you. You have your own wise warrior within An inspired life is full of joy, peace, self expression & abundance. It is created by tapping into the unique guidance that can only come from inside of YOU. 

Have you ever experienced dread about an appointment, an event, a series of situations that are in your future? The video of this week addresses this topic. 

Dread is a feeling that has come up for me over and over again for many years. Not wanting to show up (but doing so anyways) has been a theme in my life.

Dread is a funny thing. It is very much connected to anxiety.

I didn’t recognize how related to anxiety it was until I started unblending this part of my self and understanding that the dread was actual fear and hopelessness compounded.

A fear of not moving forward and staying stuck, a fear of having to do things and be something for people (ie expecting the burden of caretaking and parenting someone) a fear of my current circumstances as evidence for what was my reality and so forth.

As I began to understand that these beliefs and fears were not about my present day Life, but about the experiences and perspectives I learned as a little girl feeling stuck in childhood circumstances I couldn’t change, I was able to take in more of what I actually liked in my life and also pay attention to my dreams more.

We don’t have access to our dreams fully until we clear out what fears we have carried in from our past might be blocking them.

This video discusses two tips to help you come into the moment and release dread, often helpful after validating the dread in the first place as a part developed from your past.

This doesn’t mean you had to have experiences like I did or a dysfunctional upbringing. Stuck emotions can develop from all sorts of experiences at school, developmentally, in college, in jobs or from well meaning parents.

What’s most important is the EXPERIENCE of that part of yourself that developed a belief in dread.

Once that part feels understood, you can practice the tips in the video to gently acknowledge that yes, there is hope for the future, create an action step to provide proof for yourself and also bring your attention into the moment.

Dread, worry and fear can’t exist if we are truly in the moment!

I hope you enjoy this video!

Let me know what you think in the comments!

Is there any particular area you are experiencing dread in right now?

Do you have a Dream you can’t wait to get to but you feel that “life” is in the way?

What can you do today to take one small step toward your dream?


I'm here for you! 

Xo, Jen 

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