An Exercise To Access Unlimited Motivation



Who says you can't bottle up motivation?

Or put inspiration in a pill?

Actually..they're right. You can't. You've actually got something even better.


Yes, I'm about to tell you something that you may have never realized.

In fact, you may experience a lot of resistance to this idea.

Your ego may begin to throw all sorts of ideas at you:

"Too good to be true". 

"Yeah, it's just not that easy". 

"That sounds great, but I don't have that!"

"This is a crock of new age b******t!!"

Yes, I get it. I know exactly what it feels like. I'm also on a first name basis with tons and tons of ego thoughts that have gotten in the way of accessing this part of myself.

So I'd like for you to practice this resistance antidote for the next few moments.

Take in a deep breath, exhale.

Do it again.

Ask yourself to listen without judgment for the next few moments......

Ok... Here we go:)

So what is this magical place that we each have unlimited access to that contains all of the drive you could ever want, all of the passion you could ever desire, and all the purpose you could ever express?

Well it's literally been right in front of you all along.

Actually it's even better than that. 

Your inner drive, passion, and motivation is literally located in your body. It is tangibly located.  You, just by the nature of being a human being, are born with a  visceral  experience of it. 

Recently, I heard a snippet of an energy exercise from Kristin Morelli where she was leading everyone to tap into the magnet in their stomachs. While I missed most of the exercise, it gave me a hit and instantly drew me  deeper to the physical experience in my body that I am literally being pulled by something inside me to the next moment, level, and energy in my life. When I checked in, I could feel a motor running, a solid energy source that was intently and gently, pulling me from a gut place into the next course of action in my life. This force was strong in a solid, dependable, secure and safe way. And really deepening my awareness of this core energy gave me that always beautiful aha recognition that..ahh yesss... Here I am. This is Me.

For some of you, this may be a bit far out right now and that's okay. Anyone and Everyone has this and if you are feeling frustrated or confused right now about how to access this know that that is completely normal.  Because this skill is experiential, practical, and real. And you will be able to tell this by literally practicing it, getting to know it better, and watching how it guides you in your life.


So I am going to guide you through a little experiential practice:


Take a moment to sit back and relax your body.

Create a willing posture with open arms, feet flat on the floor, palms open, and taking in a deep breath in and out.

As you continue breathing, start to bring your attention to the place a couple inches above you belly button.

You can even touch it lightly with your fingers for a moment or rest the palm of your hand there.

Start to generate a feeling of warmth there that feels like it is directly inside the center of your body.

Allow yourself to notice a solid feeling right in that spot and notice that the more you put your attention on it, the more solid it becomes.

Start to be aware of a "motor" running inside you. You may even notice a pulsing.


Just notice this, allowing any thoughts or judgments to be there and gently guide yourself back to this solid feeling inside your core.



Love, Jen 

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