Discover Your Intention for the Year with This Art Journaling PDF!

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Happy New Year My Friends!

This year I've decided that TRUST is the word and experience I am choosing to embody for 2018.



I am choosing to deepen my trust in the process and allow things to unfold exactly as they are meant to. This means trusting my Higher Self and the inner wisdom within that feels peaceful, calm and centered. 

I am also choosing to deepen my trust in others. This isn't the haphazard throw-caution-to-the-wind type of trust that I use to experience years ago.

It's not the impulsive, spontaneous, fear-based decision that reinforced my doubt in myself and avoided the confusion about who and what to trust.

This is the type of TRUST that is based on a gentle curiosity over time about those people in my life who keep showing up for me and I for them.

Those people who share many of the same similar values that I do.

Those people that I can be my authentic Self with and vice versa.


If you are interested in finding out what your Intentional Word of the Year is, I've created a little PDF for you where you can do some free writing, doodling and/or art journaling.


Click the image below to download your free copy! 



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