Essential Mindset Shifts to Stop Hiding Your Amazing Offers + Start Selling with Heart


Do you struggle with feeling icky about sharing or selling your heart centered offers? 😔

My spiritually oriented and empathic entrepreneurial clients often share that they feel this way or discover that they unconsciously believe some form of the following:

1. Selling something is pushy, egotistical, selfish, greedy, etc.

2. Sharing a free opt-in with an offer at the end is a tease

3. Clients and customers don’t want to pay for services or products

4. Asking for a sale is awkward/uncomfortable/insulting

First and foremost, it is inevitable that you will discover certain beliefs that you have around selling, money, worth, power, success and leadership as you put yourself out there and make yourself visible.

It’s often these very beliefs that will keep you distracted from being consistent or continually playing it safe in your business.

This why it’s so helpful to compassionately air them out and recognize what parts of ourselves need assistance shifting.

Let’s look at the first belief as an example: “Selling something is being pushy.”

Imagine that you have arrived at the most amazing 5 star restaurant. It has incredible reviews and you love the ambience. You are really hungry and can smell the most delicious flavors. The hostess shares the specials. She explains how different food will affect your mood.

After she’s done, she thanks you for coming in. She doesn’t ask if you’d like a table. In fact, she tells you that unfortunately you can’t order the food. Whaattt??? This would make absolutely on sense if this actually happened to us, am I right?

It’s a bit of an extreme example but a great metaphor for selling. If someone has a need and we have the solution, why wouldn’t offer it?

Let’s take a look at it more deeply from a marketing perspective. In this situation feeding yourself is the solution that will solve the problem of feeling hungry.

You have a problem: you are hungry. You need a solution: to eat food. It’s the same with anything you are selling.

It’s not the only solution though. You have many options, You could go to the grocery store. You could ask someone to make you a meal. You can go out to a luxurious dinner. All of these options would solve the problem. The different options will vary and your preference will based on who you are.

The key here is you get to decide what to buy based on your unique preferences.

This is why it’s so helpful to get clear on who you are helping and why. When you know the problem your ideal client is trying to solve, you know their personality, what they like, how they want to feel, you can feel confident when you give them your solution. They may not know they need your solution, but you can share with them all the ways you believe it will help them solve their problem. That’s the education piece.

There will definitely be people who won’t buy what you are offering. Either they aren’t ready or they don’t fully connect with your style. However, it’s not your job to serve everyone. It is your job to serve those people who do connect with you and are looking for exactly what you have.

When you look at selling as offering something that will help that client or customer, selling becomes service!

Of course, selling will feel pushy if we continuously offer something to someone who doesn’t need what we have to give or has told us that they are not ready. For example, if we know someone really likes Indian food wouldn’t they be more likely to go to an Indian restaurant than someone who has never tried any indian food before or has told you they don’t like those type of flavors?

Now, imagine you have a desire for Indian food but your local Indian restaurant doesn’t have storefront, website, and no one seems to know where it is located or what it’s hours are. How would you be able to get there and eat this amazing food? Of course, you wouldn’t!

What Selling Looks Like

This is why true selling is about really narrowing down that ideal soulmate client and creating an offer that you LOVE and know your clients need.

Here are some new ideas to try on about selling:

  • Selling is sharing

  • Not sharing your offer is a disservice

  • Money is a renewable energy source

  • It’s not your job to decide what someone can or can’t afford

  • Freebies are vessels to provide value and share your teaching style

The following 7 min. video training is something I created for my FREE Facebook Group {<—-link} the other day and this content is just too good not to share! I talk about these new ideas to try on about selling and how you can start viewing selling with heart.

If you are feeling out of alignment with selling there is most likely a valid need you have that requires developing your business strategy, working with your mindset, and/or taking care of yourself and has NOTHING to do with selling being sleazy.

Here are some questions to evaluate what is really going on under those faulty beliefs about selling:

If you are feeling out of alignment with selling there is most likely a valid need you have that requires developing your business strategy, working with your mindset, and/or taking care of yourself and has NOTHING to do with selling being sleazy.

Are your fears really your desires in disguise?

Often our fears are actually our desires in disguise. Business is going to bring up all sorts of things: fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear of not knowing the answer, intolerance of confusion, learning, trusting the timing, letting go of an outcome, you name it! If we are unclear about what the fear is, we will default to an unconscious belief that either judges ourself, “I’m never going to be successful” or a belief about someone or something else, “Selling is sleazy and I don’t want to be one of those people”.”

Are you orienting your potential clients upfront that an option to purchase your service or product will happen at the end?

Sometimes we might feel icky after talking about an offer because we are judging the fact that we just had a sales process that didn’t feel exactly right. Maybe we like to let our potential customers know where we are going with a sales conversation or marketing event. I personally love orienting people! Letting people know up front that you are going to have a way to take things deeper but of course they are in no way obligated to is a nice way of giving options. It empowers your audience too because it’s not your job to decide for them what they want or don’t want to purchase!

This also helps weed out people who really aren’t a good fit and don’t have an interest in making an investment. If these people are just looking for a freebie to give them all the answers, they probably are in a place where instant gratification feels like a better option.

Of course, as heart centered entrepreneurs, you know that when it comes to sharing your service, a transformation, or physical product the sample or freebie isn’t going to cut it. Yes, it gives them valuable information about your teaching style as well as a helpful experience to learn something from, However, you know it will never include the whole process. The magic pill doesn’t exist and there’s no need to pretend it does!

Are you excited about your offer? Do you believe in it?

Sometimes you may not want to talk about your offer because you aren’t really feeling it. Maybe you are bored with it and think you “should” be sharing it because you’ve done so in the past.

Maybe you haven’t had any feedback and are really wanting to know your offer works before you passionately share it with the world.

Maybe you have other things that have happened recently that you have to focus your attention on. Regardless of which it is, it’s helpful to narrow this one down to see. If it’s about the offer, the timing, the proof… then it’s not about selling!

Do you know your deep heart-centered why?

This one is a huge one that I talk about a lot! It’s really the foundation for your business. Especially when it comes to beliefs about selling, if there are parts of yourself running your business that are making money the #1 goal, then there will most likely be backlash from other parts.

This is because deep down as a spiritual, empathic woman you know you have much deeper reasons for selling. Yes, you can want money and enjoy it (this is actually very important!) however just doing something for the reason of money will never work. It won’t be sustainable. It will feel empty. It will mechanical. All fertile ground for the ego mind to start judging you and selling again!

Need help mapping it out? Grab a FREE Business Strategy Session with me { HERE } and Uncover Your Heart Centered Why!

What are your beliefs about success, selling, leadership + expertise?

Make sure to take some time to journal, share with someone who gets it or work with a coach to uncover any unconscious beliefs and parts that might be holding on to outdated beliefs about any of the above!

Have you been conditioned by society or culture to value certain professions with large sums of money and devalue others?

Just a thought. If you question if what you “do” for a living as a healer, creative, artist, visionary, spiritual entrepreneur etc is WORTHY of getting paid and getting paid well, take a look at the professions that do and ask yourself, am I providing VALUE at least equal to or more than this person?

For example:

CNN Commentators- do they provide value? Let’s say yes. Is it anymore valuable then what you offer?

Reality show stars- valuable as entertainment? Are you just as valuable?

Basketball players. Valuable? Again, what are you offering and is it valuable?

More examples- traders, medical doctors, real estate agents, pilots..etc etc etc. These are socially acceptable high paying professions. Do these professions provide value? How does your value measure up?

Do you see what I’m getting at?

For the right person in the right situation ALL these people provide value. .

And yet who are creatives, healers, artists, teachers, therapists, online entrepreneurs to say they are not worthy of the same! Once you see that value, compensation & respect is not based on social acceptance but on how you view yourself and your offer, selling will get easier. .

All in all my friends, claim your value, claim the gifts you offer & watch your world change! xoxo, Jen

P.S. Creating massive impact for women like you: the creative, empathic, intelligent, entrepreneur is my passion!

The “heart centered why” is the first step towards creating a solid and supportive foundation for your business.

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