Feeling Too Attached to an Outcome? What You're Waiting for May Not Be What You Think

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My inner child likes to play with all different mediums, like paint pens and natures paint brush.

Inspiration is everywhere. Following what catches my interest in the moment is a great way to play.

I also have to let go of being attached to the inspiration. Sometimes I start something and lose interest. Other times it just flows out of me. Not forcing things is a good rule of thumb for me: in art, in life, in heart.

It's a practice. It's a practice that shows up in the art.

For it is a reflection of my life, my psyche, the different parts of me.

There have been many, many, times I have held on so tightly and then judged myself for doing so. 

It wasn't until I had compassion for why I would've learned to hold on that tightly in the first place, that some of that tension started to ease up. 

Compassion was the answer. It's always the answer. 

Of course! 

That holding on tightly to fear actually is a survival instinct. It doesn't mean that I am bad or wrong. 

It's a paradox. 

Yet, one that makes sense. Not one of those paradoxes that are really polarized black and white stances in disguise. 

No, this paradox is filled with gentleness and softening. 

It is about staying curious. About watching. About gaining new information more and more each day. 

And it's the same with the painting process. Each painting is a little journey into itself. 

"Thai garden in the night" 13" x 16" ACRYLIC ON MATBOARD

"Thai garden in the night" 13" x 16" ACRYLIC ON MATBOARD

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