How to manage the crazy of social media with meaningful marketing

manage the crazy of social media with meaningful marketing for women entrepreneurs, service providers and women leaders.

Do you ever go on social media only to resurface frustrated & confused, not sure what you just did, let alone if it was meaningful?

I know, It can be bonkers on there.

Social media is a great marketing tool with many people sharing how it's working for them.

Yet, it can feel like a crowded night club where you’re shouting over the noise. Then the lights go on and nothing looks as sexy as you thought.

This week I got real with ya’ll on Instagram 


I crave authentic connection in a technological world of digital words, emojis and pretty photos.

Don't get me wrong, I love pretty photos.

Yet, not enough of us are talking about the "cray" of social media and how to navigate it in an authentic way.

The conversation hit home with so many. (Evidence that social media can still be used for good ;)

Here’s some of the words that people used to describe their experience. Can you relate to any of them?

  • It’s feels like a fake world

  • We are showing others only what we want them to see

  • Overstimulation 

  • Tedious cycle of trading content for followers/likes

  • Feeling blocked and burdened with social media 

  • Needing to stop posting completely and not sure how to get back into it

  • It’s confusing 

  • Second guessing what to do

  • Feeling frustrated about how people grow their accounts or get followers

This is how people want to feel on social media:

  • Bring back human contact!

  • Keep it simple and authentic 

  • Let go of the likes/followers

  • Feel light about sharing their creativity

  • Want refreshing attitudes and positivity 

  • Real connections 

  • A balance in life between family, passion and marketing

  • To feel certain they are learning something thru the trial and error

  • To trust that breaks are okay

  • The desire to be part of it but in a healthy way that feels good

  • A space to slow down and connect

  • Time to create/paint/follow their passion and create meaningful marketing

What are some of the reasons why Social Media is making us crazy?

  1. There’s so many platforms to choose from

  2. Social media is designed to be addictive

  3. Platforms are always in flux with changing features + algorithms

  4. You are not seeing all of the backend work that goes into maintaining a successful account

  5. You are still carrying the belief that more is more.

So how do we balance what’s happening and how we actually want to feel?

First, acknowledge that there is tension between the two. Then, start reframing the beliefs that aren’t working. Next, experiment with new strategies that do (this cheatsheet will help you do exactly this!)

You may be feeling like social media is a burden because you haven’t broken down the process into simpler steps. You might be trying to mirror someone else’s strategy. Or, you are too committed to a strategy that doesn’t work for you.


This is why I created this cheatsheet!

In this simple download, I breakdown why social media is sending you to Crazytown and what I've learned that is going to change everything for you too. 

social media making you crazy? download the free cheatsheet and bring meaningful marketing back

After reading this FREE cheatsheet, you will stop second guessing your social media strategy, start making connections and engage your community with meaningful marketing.

I'm happy to say, my clubbing days are over. Want to do coffee instead? ;)


P.S. If you can relate ...leave a comment. I love connecting with YOU, the woman behind the curtain....and the screen! :) 

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