How I Started My Abundantly Inspired Biz!!

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I thought I would share a bit more about how and why I started my business and WHY I am so PASSIONATE about helping other creatives and healers just like you!!


Check out the video below to learn more about why I LOVE having my OWN business and love you having one too!!


Also, here are a few ideas about money/abundance/ that you may or may not have heard of....


Money is currency and currency is energy

Money is an exchange

Instead of I can’t or there's no way I could do _________ change it to there must be a way (even if you don't know how, ESPECIALLY when you don't know how!)

Selling is excited sharing about something you are authentically passionate about and is in line with your values.

Free Content is the form of communication/vessel that is providing the value to the client and customer and building trust

Products & Services are paid vessels that support a person in having an experience, form of energy, healing. 

Marketing is authentically attracting people who are in need of/actively seeking/ what your product or service is.

All of these aspects of business are vessels. They ONLY successfully align with a fulfilled life when they are containers for source led guidance.

When the guidance comes first from within then the outside mechanics come more naturally.

A balance of feminine & masculine business strategies are necessary to be successful AND feel good. 

You don’t need a huge following, a certain number of people. You are ready to put yourself out there, NOW!

In the last year....

4 trips (Italy here I come!!)
Assisted and taught at a retreat with my art mentor
A new art studio
An entire office upgrade
A new medicine for my myalgia
Three exhibitions
8k followers on Instagram
A tribe I love
Monthly 80 min massages with a masseuse I love!
A new car with more amenities and cheaper than my old one
Conquered my fear of online speaking
and more!!


I share this with you because YOU CAN DO IT TOO. 


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Love you guys and I'm here for you! Let's do this!




P.S. Did you catch the video? Here it is again : 

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