show up and face rejection radically

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What does showing up in the face of rejection in a radical way look like?

I’m talking falling arms wide open, heart first into rejection (perceived failure, uncertainty, loss, abandonment) because you know without a fucking doubt that who you are and what you are can never ever, ever be broken.

I’m imagining like this: 

A game of thrones situation with those loyal AF unsullied soldiers all lined up behind you. (All of your parts are on board and have given you full leadership, they trust you)

In actuality it’s like this:

You hear that Instagram is “great for connecting with your tribe” and “a tribe is what you need to grow your business with potential buyers” and that there are “ways to attract clients” and you just have to “use hashtags and search and post 3-5 times a day. “

When you approach an above strategy like the one above out of a need for validation, approval, proving your worth/success/value etc. etc. etc. : you don’t realize that your fear of rejection is having you hyper focused on a strategy that may or may not fit you or your personality —————> only you can know this …. no one else.

Even deeper, you are rejecting yourself by following a strategy just because someone told you to do it instead of feeling into your self, listening and making it a day to day exploration.

In the above scenario, every single follower becomes a loss/gain situation and can feel too personal or weighted or even too impersonal.

Bottom line, Soul person … this is your blessing and your predicament.

When your goal (in this case “getting customers”) outweighs your ability to connect AND you are a SOUL person ……

SOUL person meaning: when you are present, you know you are far enough on your journey where operating from soul treats you best

……… you will continuously get the lesson that when you forget your SOUL for too long you are going to get all sorts of signs and signals and symptoms aching within you until you wake up out of the preprogrammed, eyes, closed, arms out, zombie march towards the goal.

…… will continuously get the lesson to keep remembering again that you are a BEING holding space for PROCESS and that within that space, the more clear the holding is, the more inevitable the goal will come to fruition


Approach your business ready to be radically rejected ….

You share a post where you pour your heart out and think is super powerful and you get crickets. One comment. Wow.

When “they” appear not be listening, to not be answering.. .go harder.

When you doubt who you are know you are impervious when in true self.

Even when you have parts stinging, possibly raging, you will get thru it because there is no other way.

That is who you are.

You keep picking yourself back up and Charge forward...hiyah!

There’s an army behind you even if you can’t see it.

Charge fucking forward into your mission:

Like a peaceful warrior whose able to swerve and sway and negotiate attacks.

How quick does your mind go to fear when you start to realize a “strategy” is not working?

That you don’t have any new followers?

That you don’t have any sales!

That what you put up on a pedestal as the holy grail yet again is a far cry from the true gold that is inside of you.


How hard are you actually working?

And by hard I mean to opening yourself up and putting yourself out there?

(In the right time I might add (law of rhythm always comes into play and we are not talking about force here!!)

Do you feel completely unrelenting about your “art”?

Are you willing to do whatever it takes to create your business? (because you know without a doubt what your WHY is.)

You want the audience and the connection and maybe fame or wealth or appreciation and those are all fine and good and delicious.

And in order to do so you need to surrender here and now into this moment into what your journey is, who YOU are, what makes you YOU and how you get to be YOU and not anything else.

If you are a machine just spitting things out but your heart is not in the game

Or your soul is covered by old patterns ….

You can’t have the bounty without each piece of fruit.

You have to pick each fruit with care and arrange it with love, knowing that you created it and that’s the most important thing.

Put another way, are you savoring the process because you are in love with your work?

Are you being honest with where you are at (not pretending to be farther along or needing to know all the answers) and not just with yourself, with what you are projecting out into the ethers?

Honesty and authenticity are the energetic foundations of a true self based business.

To face rejection radically, to overcome it big time and build a large following you are connected to and are connected to you takes facing the magnitude of how large YOUR BEING is to hold all of that space.

And KNOW within your heart of hearts and soul of souls that that is all that really matters.

To KNOW it to be true: that you are worthy.

Dive in. Get help if you need it. Holding yourself back from something you know you are meant to be doing is no way to live.

I promise you there is another way to live!

PS. I am unapologetic in my mission to help you discover and embrace your voice within.

So you can translate it into a lifestyle and business that is an extension of your deepest desires, the inner YOU.

This is what I call living an Inspired Life.

Together, we will:

Identify and release any success blocks that are interfering with you starting your business, staying consistent with your business, as well as showing up and getting visible in your day to day.

Reorient your current approach to one that is true Self-oriented which will create a business and lifestyle foundation for flow and alignment with your authentic values.

Determine the best marketing strategies for you (because there is no such thing as one cookie cutter way!) and a plan for executing them that takes into account your individualized lifestyle.

Develop your signature offer and unique path toward serving your ideal clients so that it is a natural progression for them to work with you and refer you to their friends and family.

By the end of us working together you will:

Show up confident and revved up about your expertise so clients know you are exactly who they need to hire

Be a magnet for high impact opportunities in front of your ideal clients so that your audience keeps growing

Approach marketing and business from a soul perspective so you share offers easily with passion and keep integrity with your values and dreams.

Looking for even more support?

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Have a beautiful day my lovelies!