Everything in the Right Time + My Digital Sketching Process

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One fascinating part of my creative process is how the ideas from my doodles, smaller canvases, paper studies, and digital fingerpainting end up translating into larger work or keep showing up in collections over time.

It delights my inner child to see that there are symbols, strokes and signs that represent my Innet Artist and True Self. 

There is something comforting about having this inner language. Knowing that it is right there, beneath the surface, waiting to find a channel or vessel to display itself to myself and then to the world.

I also keep learning from continuously painting, doodling and playing that this intuitive and unique language expresses itself in its own pace and in its own time. 

Just like the alphabet, symbols like letters build upon eachother, expressing an ongoing conversation of inner imagery, color, light and impression.  

As I'm continuously sharing, I'm tickled to be aware of how this is another metaphor for life.

So often I hear students, clients and artist friends (including myself!) being hard on ourselves about where we are in the process.

I am starting to realize wading through this black and white critical muck is actually the journey to becoming an adult!

Black and White thinking, notoriously a childlike and adolescent developmental stage is often a place we remain stuck in because let's face it, most of our cultures aren't paying homage to the growing pains required of "adulting" it.

Self parenting with a loving voice that has patience, compassion and gentleness instead of our hormone induced adolescent instant gratification urges takes practice. Lots of practice. It's hard and it sometimes feels like this in between stage will never end.


And we often forget that life is about the growth, not the outcome.


I'm not saying those outcomes aren't nice little rewards, but as we soften into our true selves, (returning to that childlike curiosity yet with a mega smart and centered parent navigating the ship) we realize that each day that we learn things they are the threads that will become interwoven over time.

So as part of my process I'm sharing some of the digital sketches that I often find myself doodling in my bed at night or when I'm on the couch and don't have the energy to get the real paints out.


See if you notice any similar motifs and themes in the work! 


And stay tuned! The collection is coming! Look out for a post including my inspiration board for the collection as well as the collection name revealing!!