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Learning to accept the ebbs and flows of creativity, energy, motivation and all that juicy stuff is always a work in progress. The more I learn the more I get that it's a rabbit hole that just gets deeper and deeper. 

This is not just something with art. It's something that I have experienced as part of my human nature.  

 Listening to my own inner barometer is the only way that I can allow myself to rest, relax and than rejuvenate so that I am full inside to then create and give. My body needs rest and then will have waves and long stretches of productivity and creative energy.

The more I can accept this the less I "should" myself and shame myself! 

Yet it is hard to listen to what "I" need and let go of the voices that often tell me about what a productive day "should" look like. 

This week, I was able to embrace those voices, yet not listen to them, and head out to my home away from home, Asbury Park NJ. 


Art is everywhere in this town and it's quickly become the Keep it Weird Corner of NJ. Look at those Roy G Bivs guys!


As if the beach and the water isn't enough to feel inspired! I was able to find lot's of beautiful natural inspiration as well as creativity from Mother Earth & all the lovely artists that contribute to this thriving beach town. 


Lingering springtime blossoms. I Love flowers and greenery mixed in with beach life! And I love even more that my mind and heart were clear enough to take in moments like this that day!


A change of scenery, fresh air, a gorgeous view was exactly what I needed.  And while it seems quite simple, it has taken me a lot of time and work to get to a place where my mind was clear enough and my body felt safe enough to spend a day like this all for me. 


My office for the day! Surrounded by some of my favorite things, including a matcha green tea latte! It wasn't on the menu but ask and you shall receive ;)


I always wonder about the designer behind a space! Bohemian love all around!! 


Luscious green!

Inspiration is everywhere. While my mind is critiquing that I should be doing more, that I'm behind, my energy field is absorbing plants, art, food, tastes and nature. I'm filling myself up so that I feel FULL. Energetically, emotionally, spiritually, physically....and with some darn good food as well!!


Colors are imprinting themselves on my spirit and inner artist. 


Patterns and textures are in every nook and cranny! 


My spirit felt revived. While I haven't had the impulse to take out my paints over the past few days, taking photos, witnessing with my creative eye and inner artist, sampling delicious food & spaces, talking to local makers IS part of my creative journey. And I'm fortunate and grateful to have it also be a part of my business life!

One last thing... I like to ask the question does art imitate life or does life imitate art? Why? Because the way our minds work we see life as linear. Yet when I step back, whose to say what's the beginning and what's the end? You see what I mean is, as you continue down this post I have a collection of summer and beach inspired art and photos. All posted BEFORE I made it to the beach. 

So which comes first? The chicken or the egg? 


I don't know the answer. But I do know we all live in a yellow submarine anyways so does it really matter? :P

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