you are creative and expressive; don’t put yourself in a box.


You are a creative, fluid, rennaisancy creature who does many, many beautiful and amazing things.

There is no need to put yourself in a box!

Take what works for you.

Take what is easy for you.

Make those answers the foundation for your lifestyle and business.

Your chosen strengths that propel you to be a leader and share your voice are where you will have the most fun and be the most successful.

Brainstorm and then play around with ALL OF YOUR STRENGTHS and see which ones are really grounded in you.

Meaning what things come naturally to you?

What are you overlooking because it’s so easy for you that you think it can’t be that special to others?

Do you see?

If you really want to create a lifestyle or business that extends from YOU, it’s got to extend from YOU!

Not from somebody else’s idea of what a business or life is.

Not from this fake conceptualized idea of what a fulfilled and inspired lifestyle looks like for you.

Not listening to someone else and trusting on blind faith or because you heard the numbers or someone told you to listen to this person.

Instead it’s showing up and listening and staying curious and developing trust over time about what is your truth and what is someone else’s.

This isn’t a black and white thing.

If it feels black and white, it is coming from a developmentally younger part of you. Which is really great information to know because than you can address it!

Truth comes thru people a lot of the time but don’t get the words mixed up with truth.

Truth is what resonates inside for YOU.

Take that and leave the rest.

It’s about owning who YOU are and letting that dictate your life and how you want to show up for it versus trying to fit into someone else’s box. ..versus someone else’s way dictating you.

Said another way: when you value you and let that dictate your life, you let go of someone else deciding your value for you.

You are the true self. So you are infinite and your value is priceless.

And as a human you keep remembering that.

This isn’t about controlling timing. The law of rhythm will dictate that.

It’s about accepting that you deserve to have a life where you can be you and take care of yourself.

Because this is how you access your highest Self.

My business and lifestyle are a complete result of my own needs.

The need to be myself .

The need to be my own boss.

The need to have lot’s of time to process my emotions.

The need to be able to sleep in or go slow if I am having an emotional flashback come up.

The need to have space to be in quiet and stillness.

The need to work less and make more money per hour because of my physical and emotional needs.

Yes I deserve creating a lifestyle that works for me on my own terms separate from any physical or emotional condition I have. You do too! That’s our spiritual inheritance and birthright.

However the reality in my human experience is that I have to acknowledge my unique needs in their form for ME, meaning what do I specifically need in my day to day to truly be healthy to function, then thrive, then give my all when I am with clients and creating.

I’m talking sleep, food, social, hygiene, movement etc. etc. etc.!

It will be unique to you.

However, if you connect with me here you may find that you need something similar as I do.

These are deeply based needs that I have to keep prioritizing over and over again over time.

How does this look in my day to day?

One example is when it comes to writing these articles and my blog.

Lately, instead of forcing myself to come out with a blog on the same day each week I’m deciding to honor a gift of mine.

My writing comes through me often as intuitive hits and inspiration at any possible point of day or night. I use to just send myself emails or make multiple notes in hopes I would go back to them.

However, I rarely did because the number of notes would be overwhelming and they wouldn’t organized in any particular way.

Lately, I’ve been keeping an open note on both my phone and laptop so that as these stream of consciousness inspirations come in I can keep track of them in one place. Then I can have a second pass and pull anything that will be great for a post or newsletter etc.

This really lets my strength of stream of consciousness, intuition and expressive writing take over and be front and center stage.

These were small tweaks but extremely important ones because content is so important in business.

But the small tweak was a result of lot’s of choices and shifting over time.

First and foremost reconnecting with and shifting younger parts of myself over time has allowed for more space.

More space means more room for Self (true self) energy .

More Self energy means my ability to see new ideas and possibilities that I did not see before.

In this example, the new possibility was a subtle shift in the way I store the inspiration so that it helps my future self go back and do the refining.

I could hold on to the advice from other coaches who say it’s best to do a blog one day a week on a specific day. However, if this actually is impeding me from writing, is it better to write nothing because I don’t do it the way someone else says or better to do it how I want to do it?

Even better, when I can truly LISTEN inside and feel my own flow and rhythm, it doesn’t even MATTER a thing what anyone else says.

I get to trust my highest guidance and that could look like …. I send out my emails, create content, contact my audience….. whenever I feel like it!

Of course, this takes experimentation too because I want to use mindfulness to be aware of how my content is connecting with my audience.

However, first and foremost it has to extend from me.

See how my inner clearing and releasing inspires action that influences the outer structure of my business?

And it’s based on my own strengths and needs FIRST.

By clearing out space within it has allowed me to more intentional with the space I am creating outside of myself.

This isn’t easy!

I remember the years I worked in corporate.

I use to be so worried about what other people thought and needed approval in order to know that I could take necessary sick time for myself.

I remember being wrapped up in blankets with a fever and the flu because I wouldn’t go home until my boss gave me the okay.

I was also obviously wrapped up in a whole bunch of fear too.

You see this whole journey is like any long term relationship.

It’s going to test you, make you dig deeper than you ever have before. 

But the thing is, this is the relationship you are building with yourself FIRST.

You have to learn where you need the flow and where you need the structure by EXPERIENCING IT. 

And the only way to experience something is to jump in.

And to jump in, you need to show up for you and take care of you and then your gifts will naturally flow out into the world.

You just have to listen each day to see what is the next step.

Be where you are.

Say what’s on your mind.

Share what you need to share.

And then receive. See what resonates in you and HONOR THAT.

Lot’s of love.


I am unapologetic in my mission to help you discover and embrace your voice within.

So you can translate it into a lifestyle and business that is an extension of your deepest desires, the inner YOU.

This is what I call living an Inspired Life.

Interested in working together?

Send an email and we will set up a phone call to see if we are a good fit!

Here’s how it will work

12 Sessions.

6 months.

Access to all of my recorded trainings, workbooks and templates

***with my guidance and direction on which material applies to you***

We will develop your brand from A-Z including:

Create a dynamic action plan for your dream business that fits your unique desires, needs (personally and professionally) and current finances.

Infuse fun, experimentation and empowerment into your business building process.

Create an intuitive practice that supports the flow of your business and more!

Together, we will:

Identify and release any success blocks that are interfering with you starting your business, staying consistent with your business, as well as showing up and getting visible in your day to day.

Reorient your current approach to one that is true Self-oriented which will create a business and lifestyle foundation for flow and alignment with your authentic values.

Determine the best marketing strategies for you (because there is no such thing as one cookie cutter way!) and a plan for executing them that takes into account your individualized lifestyle.

Develop your signature offer and unique path toward serving your ideal clients so that it is a natural progression for them to work with you and refer you to their friends and family.

By the end of us working together you will:

Show up confident and revved up about your expertise so clients know you are exactly who they need to hire

Be a magnet for high impact opportunities in front of your ideal clients so that your audience keeps growing

Approach marketing and business from a soul perspective so you share offers easily with passion and keep integrity with your values and dreams.

Looking for even more support?

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Have a beautiful day my lovelies!