How to Trust The Process When Reaching a New Level in Your Business

helpful tips to trust the process when reaching the next level in your business


What a beautiful, loaded, complicated word.

The nature of trust is solid. Yet, our path there? One of the most difficult.

I was lucky enough to talk to my business coach earlier today and we shared with each other and the rest of the ladies on the call about developing the importance of developing trust within.

That when being a CEO and creator of your own business it really comes down first and foremost to the belief we have in ourselves.

The Energy Leak of Mistrust

One of the ways doubt and lack of confidence shows up in our lives and businesses is through the energy leak of mistrust.

It looks like a lot of different things.

  • Second guessing your decisions.

  • Looking for approval from other people when you’ve made a decision.

  • Feeling paralyzed if you can’t get that approval.

  • Perfectionism and needing to get things exactly right

  • Feeling terrified of trusting the process.

When starting your business or taking a leap into a new level of it this energy leak is so common. All your doubts and fears come to the surface. All those roots of old limiting beliefs start to pull tightly into the earth.

Have a goal that you desire? Forget about it. Self doubt is going to creep in.

So how do you handle mistrust when it inevitably does?

Can you assume it will come up and that’s okay?

How about using it as evidence that you are stepping into your calling more deeply?

How can you decide not to use doubt and mistrust as evidence to give up?

Compassion for the Doubt

Using your inner loving parent and your higher self as witness, you can have compassion for your humanness and also the good intent of a doubting part.

You can let go being hard on yourself for feeling doubt (judgment only creates more tension and protection).

Your Vibrational Escrow

Try this idea on: What if your wisest self was protecting your inheritance for you? That your heartfelt purpose and desires already exist?

Exactly what your truth wants is being held by spirit until you are ready for it. It is yours.

Good Feelings Currency

Imagine your body is a bank and the more good feelings and good vibes you give to the bank, the more you fill yourself up and have a cushion for a rainy day.

The more you praise yourself, encourage yourself, treat yourself well, you have a buffer for when those inevitable doubts will arise.

Trust that your higher self knows what's best for you

You may like to call it intuition or alignment, a sixth sense, a higher power, the universe. If you can trust that there is a process that creates babies and makes the sun go round each day, you can practice trusting there is something greater than yourself.

Face the Worst Case Result

Seeing that you will be okay regardless of the outcome can help to diffuse the charge of fearful emotions. 
Knowing you can face whatever comes your way and that you wont abandon yourself will also support the fears and doubts unconditionally, removing the charge.

Give Credit to the Signs

There are always signs that you are on your way. This is how we enjoy the process too. Look at the ways that you are moving towards your goal. Conversations, opportunities, smaller occurrences or partial occurrences of the full thing are all signs

Remember Previous Doubts

Hear me out. Not to reignite them but to see the progress you've made. You've manifested before. You've had doubts too.

Remembering you had doubts and reassuring the doubting parts that things turned out not only okay but better than you expected

Ask for Support

Find someone to work with who you can trust. I'm one of many. 
Find the right fit for you!

I hope that these 8 tips will support you on your journey towards being the unique, empowered, confident CEO that you truly are!

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