SPRING- Dreams of Peonies

Category: Expressive Painting

Dreams of Peonies

As I sit here writing this, I can smell the sweet fragrance of the freshly picked peonies that brought home the other night. Who knew a fragrance could transform into so much color?

After dropping off a spring collection of oil and acrylic paintings over to the Green Lace Lion, these expressionist paintings just started to slide right onto the canvas. They feel like dreams inside. Impressions, like a real nighttime dream, where you can feel the experience more than see it. At least that's how my dreams are. There is visuals, however, they are always wispy images, like I can't quite rest in scene, constantly changing and moving. I'm more in touch with the feeling behind it all. And that same energy is finding it's way into my paintings. 

It makes sense because art is such an emotional experience for me. It allows me to express myself on a level

I find that space is such an important part of my art and of course in my life. 

To live like a child is the true gift of healing- 


Here are some of the new "rules" I live by:
The freedom to get things dirty.
The willingness to listen to what my body is telling me.
The acknowledgement that my true self knows best.
The radical idea that the answers I need are within me.
The magical perspective that everything happens in the right timing.
The surrendering practice of expressing, trusting and feeling as the gateway to connection and meaning.
The life-changing phenomenon that whatever is in me can be expressed creatively in front of me.

And so many more . . .