Blending Passion & Patience

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This post is inspired from a tidbit of conversation from an Instagram Artist friend @Benedictolorunnisomo. I love how inspiration can just come through in these little compact packages. Benedict is also that type of person. You can tell from his art. One look and you know there are so many layers there. Another glance and you just keep seeing the depth.  Here are two examples of his work:



"My Eggs" 

"My Eggs" 



Me: You can tell you put a lot of love and energy into your paintings

Benedict: Thank you so much. I try my best. It’s a journey of passion and I keep learning more patience. It seems patience is the key that unfolds intense results.   

And right there inspiration flooded in. Passion and Patience. Two stones struck together. With the right rhythm, ease of force, and a bit of magic, a spark sizzles. As we keep rubbing the stones together, slow burning embers can continue fanning the flames that light the way for our path and deepest work. There is richness within those flames. Shadows and movement and depth. 



But if we get too excited, we might put the spark out. Or we might ignite the whole darn forest and burn down camp. Or the fire just might be too large, illuminating things so brightly that there is no  no mystery to what we are doing.

Passion and Patience. The gentle balance between letting the fuel of our joy guide us and at the same time letting it unfold in the right timing. Another way of saying it could be Desire and Grace. Or Creativity and Sacred Container. 

So trusting the process that there is an outcome and some resolution. Maybe not an ultimate outcome. Yet, the journey filled like a precious balloon of bursts and bubbles and ebbs and flows. Events and happenings. That there are scenes and seasons or what we call in the west “projects” and “work” and “goals” and that these shifts can birth something truly beautiful, truly expressive, truly connected, truly OURSELVES…if we are willing to let the passion drive us within the arms of patience.. 

Blue's Muse.JPG


Patience doesn’t feel safe at first..I realize it makes so much sense, if it were easy, what would I need patience for in the first place?  It’s actually quite uncomfortable at best and quite terrorizing at worst. Sitting thru the panic. The worry. The fear. The depression. The lack of inspiration. I can’t tell you how many hours upon hours I have had to spend waiting the “IT” out. Awful, horrible, terrifying at so many times. Yet, something happens after I move thru that layer. Waiting out the droning impulsivity and instant gratification means that I am actually able to receive so much more. 

Connected. Fulfillment. Flow. Compassion. Com-passion. Patience is not emotionless. It is com-passion…with passion. 

Some of the most important transitions have occurred for me when I listened within to the inner voice that said, you are giving too much, do less. Or, let what you are learning enter and marinate within you so that you can reap the benefits of it before just giving it back out. Or stop doing that workshop. Or, don’t say that. Or, breathe. 

When I've really listened to my body, and have heard its loud or quiet whisperings of it being tired, exhausted, panicky, run down and I give myself (like I would tell any tired person) REST, I have found that my true passion has not gone anywhere. 

For those of you who have followed my journey, you have seen my process evolve where Art has become a full-time passion and a budding aspect of my current business. It flows seamlessly into what I already do and actually provides the foundation, meaning and vessel which holds everything I have learned and teach. 

I was always an artist, however, I didn’t really realize how much of an artist I was. Not even just an artist..a painter! I didn’t realize that it is my soul, home and joy. 

I realized that I never painted as a kid. And I’m not surprised. I don’t think the freedom with my painting, the messiness, the drips of paint, would've flied growing up!

So wait I did. For 20 years. Not knowing what I was waiting for. And I can't really say that I did so patiently, however, I will chalk that up to an incessant seeking that required patience to simmer it out. 10 years of building up walls and 10 years of letting them down.

And then poof! Art everywhere. 

Copy of Rubies & Dragonfruit.png

Waiting is what filled the well and allowed the compassion to overflow, instead of the force of planning leading the way.

So as you have noticed already, I am shifting directions with my newsletter, website, and blog to incorporate my art. Embracing each part of me means being able to express myself and that is through art and creativity. So, for those of you who have appreciated and shifted along this journey with me…awesome!

My desire is to update this blog a few times a week to a few times a month and to keep you involved in my process, behind the scenes and within. I am finding that art and painting are the best way for me to teach the art of mindfulness, intuition, and all those other concepts that I'd been discussing for years. 

And for those of you who feel that this turn is headed in a different direction from you, then I wish you many blessings and no hard feelings if you find yourself on a different path. 

I have found time and time again that what is done without grace becomes a vacant hallway which I eventually turn around from. So allow what feels right to you to come in and all else passes through like a breeze through the tree. 

There is always the opportunity to turn a different way and let the flames of your compassion usher you forward. 

Much love to you, 


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