Resting in the Process

So here we are where spring has sprung in the Northeast States.

There's the usual crispness in the air around this time of year and the first signs of flowers peaking through the soil. 

Flowers always are fascinating to me because right under the surface there is a whole magical world that we cannot see.

The flower is growing from a seed and yet if we dig it up to watch every moment of this process, it will actually interfere with the flower's growth. 


A great metaphor for life isn't it?


Where in our lives do we constantly dig, dig, dig when we have already done all the planting/watering/sunlight giving and all that is left is to wait? 


Sometimes, as we await in transition, we want things to go faster than they are going.


Maybe if they do, we think, I don't have to sit with my fears that what I want is not going to happen, or something bad will erupt instead of beautifully bloom. 


We can practice living life from a different perspective.


The Great Round is a model using the circular nature of life and the symbol of the mandalas to interpret and understand the different phases we go in and out of.


The first stage in The Great Round is The Void.


It validates life cycles and rhythms so we can trust that while ebb, flow and change happen, there are themes to these stages and that our waiting, or our action, will bear fruits or in this case, flowers. 


The Void is that place, like the womb, like a seed planted in the fertile earth, that is quiet, full of rest, stillness and surrender.


Often times we find that we have fear of the Void, this emptiness, this spaciousness.


Maybe our womb wasn't so secure.


Maybe there was no room for space or rest in our lives because the underlying message was, "it's not okay to do nothing."


Maybe we've felt so alone that being in the stillness is terrifying and that is why we want to bolt right out of it. 


The Void is a wonderful place to explore and one that is my favorite to paint. It is simple. A circle. A splotch. A whoosh of mark or line. 


In it's simplicity a mandala created in the void could look like a seed. And because of its simple nature, it is a great place to acknowledge when we feel a lack of energy or a great need for sleep. 


Instead of judging it this time, why not embrace that you are in the womb of the Void?


That this is a necessary part of your process and you can rest here, trusting that you will move into the next stage, and even more likely when you don't force yourself out of this one. 


Like a seed sprouting its roots into the deep soil.


The layers of its form unfolding until the strength of its growth becomes greater than the ground can contain it.


We can be like the seed in the void of the unknown, trusting that something is brewing under there and we will eventually see those first sprouts and eventual blossoms. 

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