Quick, Easy, & Nourishing Zucchini Noodle Stir Fry

I've decided I want to cook more again. It's always on my list of life areas to cultivate more presence in. It will come in waves as those of you who know me or have followed me on Instagram, I'll get inspired and have a good run of cooking and baking but then my energy will need to turn elsewhere.

As time has gone on in my own healing, I've become a lot more gentle with myself about needing to get every area integrated at the exact time. Cleaning, cooking, working, organizing, and Ofcourse socializing, fun and creating...we are busy humans! If an area is not being tended to, instead of viewing myself as lazy (which I use to do) and then getting caught in a suffocating shame gridlock, I acknowledge that it just means I'm needing to put energy into another area. Usually (thanks rhythm of life:) it is in deep connection with something I'm emotionally processing. And one of the foundations of healing is that it happens in its own time.

Interestingly, the more I let go of the timing and trust that this area will get tended to in the right time, the more quickly I'm able to keep that area functioning naturally with little effort. This also includes having compassion for where I'm at for example: needing to pick up store made food, feeling grateful that I have the ability, financial means and live in an area where there is so much food available. It also includes paying attention to how I feel as I take these actions. This experience is more evidence that shame clogs the wheels, keeps us from being present and that compassionate and conscious awareness of our daily actions and the way we feel is what shifts things, not harsh criticism or self judgment. 

Ive also found that when I'm in this surrendered state, where I'm trusting the timing and accepting where I'm at, I'm more likely to be present for inspiration and synchronicity. Which leads me to an interesting tidbit I recently learned.

I was listening to one of Tommy Rosen's podcasts (Creator of Recovery 2.0) and he was speaking with Ashley Turner, a therapist and yoga teacher (ahoy my people!) and the discussion was about chakras (energy systems in the body) and what each level of healing means at each chakra. 


What stood out to me was the discussion about the root chakra, the first chakra, found in the area of the pelvic floor and perineum. This chakra represent our foundation (our roots) and is where our sense of safety, support, and groundedness is cultivated. Ashley also shared that it is the site of our nourishment and that cooking for ourselves, is one of the greatest acts of self care and is the foundation for nourishment. Literally feeding our selves lays the foundation for feeding our souls. 

I loved this connection and it resonates deeply because just a few days before I was noticing a restlessness and compulsive energy within myself in regards to purchasing food out (funny how the messages come in like that ;). I recognized that this was a call to put more attention on myself in this area and felt more deeply into that intention. 

Now, here's where perfectionistic thinking could have and would have bullied me in the past for not. Hopping. To. It. Immediately. And with a sense of urgency. Ughh, too much pressure!

Instead, I kept letting it evolve. So here we are tonight, and on to the recipe...finally. I didn't have any clue this post would become such a meditation on food and nurturing but I'm glad it did! And one more tidbit, another way I was compassionate to myself was I bought some things pre-cut. If you don't have money to do this right now than maybe find another way to be gentle with yourself, like cut up veggies the day before or food prep at the beginning of the week. However, if you like to do it all at once more power to you!


This meal is light, cleansing (ginger and lemon are great for the digestive and immune system!) and can have as mild or intense flavor as you like. The more you amp up the seasonings the more punch it will have. I also was out of garlic and coconut aminos which I'd usually use, and after improvising I found some new flavors I wouldn't normally think of! Creativity at its best:) 

Quick, Easy, & Nourishing Zucchini Noodle Stiry Fry

Makes about 2-3 servings


 -a little less than a pound of zucchini (and squash if you'd like) cut into noodles with a spiralizer or store cut.

-about 2-3 oz of chopped white or yellow onion

-sesame oil-enough to drizzle in pan and then again after noddles are added

-fresh ginger- about a tablespoon grated or 3 cubes (Dorat makes these in frozen cubes found at Trader Joes. Containers are recyclable or can be used again if you'd like)

-sesame seeds- amount is your choice, have a sesame party and  throw them in like confetti!

-lemon- about a quarter 

-Himalayan sea salt- to taste

-black pepper-to taste  

-xylitol (or any sugar you like) about 2 teaspoons (you can also omit this) 

-red pepper spice or flakes

-1 cup to 1.5 of shrimp or protein of choice or you can go full veg. 



Use a large wok or stir fry pan, put heat on medium heat and drizzle in the sesame oil, stirring in the onions. I like to salt and pepper them here and then keeping stirring them on and off until they start to get a little clear or even carmelized if you have the time. 

Add in the ginger and keep stirring, then the noodles (if using shrimp). Stir stir stir! The noodles will cook down with time, at first they take up a ton of space. Drizzle a bit more sesame oil in and then add the sesame seeds. 

Shrimp can be added in (you can use fresh or I like to use the frozen kind at TJ's because it's good quality for a good price. I also defrosted them a bit before hand. If you are using chicken or meat you will want to cook that first, then add the zucchini noodles.) 

Squeeze in the lemon juice, a little more seasoning, and then add in your red pepper if you'd like a little kick.  

It's done when everything is tender and the colors deepen at bit.


I hope you enjoy! I don't usually follow a recipe for savory cooking because I just cook intuitively for the most part so I hope this gives you enough direction and also allows you to trust and play with your own inner chef;)

bon appetite! 



Down and dirty photo. No time for prettiness, I was hungry!  

Down and dirty photo. No time for prettiness, I was hungry!  

One more time....

One more time....