Why We Need to Remember Our Hearts

The heart is a symbol of connectedness, compassion, authenticity, and embodied living. I strongly believe that we all need a  place where we can find safety, sanity, and understanding in a world that often appears otherwise.

At a very young age, we learn how to shield and protect our hearts. Some of us due to family experiences, trauma, dysfunction and messages, others due to school, cultural and societal messages, and some of us experience a closing due to all of the above.

This closing is a survival mechanism. And yet, what was once helpful in to make it through our past experiences prevents us from giving and experiencing love now in the present. This type of unconditional love that we are all craving is not something that we have to get or achieve.

It is already within us and as we remember our hearts, we start to gain access to this unlimited well of wisdom, light, and life that has been right here all along.  

It is my believe that every human being on this planet suffers and struggles in some way, shape, or form, until they embark on a journey that guides them to reconnect with the inner teacher within.

If you are feeling depressed, chronically hopeless, anxiety, having panic attacks, suffering from an addiction to a person, place or thing, have difficulties with food, feelings of chronic emptiness, indecision, confusion, obsessive compulsive tendencies, numbness, or suffering from intense anger, know that these experiences are your doorway IN. 

You can learn to live your life from a centered place, you can release the inner critic that perpetuates the shoulds and should nots of our lives, the relentless distraction, shaming, and worthlessnes and instead honor and live through the creative, curious, and compassionate TRUE SELF that is your birthright.

I only can share this because it is a journey I've been on for many years now. It keeps deepening, is finally reaping reward, and continues each and every day. Will you join me?