What is the True Self?

The often elusive true self is discussed in many spiritual traditions, personal growth books, yoga classes, and therapetic settings. But what the heck is it? And why does it seem like this impossible to reach concept?

I'm going to try and break this down as simple as possible..because I hear you! I use to be wondering the EXACT same thing. 

The True Self is the place within you that is your wisest, most compassionate, clearest, and centered self. It is the REAL YOU. 

Some basic facts about it:

Everyone has a True Self at their core (whether you experience it or not)

The TRUE SELF is not a destination, meaning it is a part of your BEING, however you may find that certain self care practices and life experiences bring you closer to experiencing it)

Undoing fears and blocks naturally will bring the True Self more to the forefront in your life, allowing it to be the COMPASSIONATE LEADER that makes the decisions for you.

All healing and recovery work helps us to illuminate the True Self, sometimes suddenly, oftentime gradually, in time

When you are not in true self, a PART of you is triggered. Some call this ego. It is like a cloud covering up the sun. PARTS include any fears, anger, guilt, depression, protective parts, manager parts (more on this in a separate post).

The True Self is WITHIN YOU (not outside of you) and it is INTERCONNECTED with the True Selves of others and connected to the greater universal wisdom

The True Self is a deep well and the more we listen to it's voice the more peaceful we feel

Experiencing the peace of the TRUE SELF does not mean we never experience pain or stress. It just means that we have a compassionate friend there to soothe us through life's challenges.

There are many ways to get closer to feeling the presence of your TRUE SELF, many of which are discussed on this site! If you are looking for support in doing this, do not hesitate to reach out. Ask for help, and get it ;)