The F Word

Feelings....there I said it!

When did feeling our feelings become so taboo in this society?

I truly believe in the healing power of feelings our feelings and that the direct pathway to feeling greater peace is to develop emotional awareness. We are are hungry in this culture and yet we don't know what it is that will make us full. 


While we seek to find fulfillment and nourishment in so many ways on the outside, what we are really seeking is the emotional connection between our wisest self and the parts of us that are calling out for help .


Through a myriad of ways that alleviate the pain and tension of the inner critic that prevents us from being and continuously keeps us doing, we begin to soften protective parts of ourselves that are trying to keep everything together (unsuccessfully) and reconnect to the True Self (the Compassionate Leader) within which is the direct link to opening our hearts.


Coincidentally, moving through our pain is the process which brings us greater joy in our lives. Some of the ways I support clients in doing this is through the paths of psychotherapy, yoga, recovery, inner child work  and more. The common thread is that they all lead you back to the wisdom inside YOU.  

The wisdom of the heart is meant to be shared. Emotional Awareness, True Self Guidance, Wellness, The Critical Voice vs. The Loving Voice and How to Talk, Trust, & Feel. 

These are the topics I wish we would've learned in school. I teach what I've always needed to learn. To me, these teachings are the ways to remember the heart, to let go and love.

I hope if you've found your way here they are for you too."