The Act of Self Compassion

The act and process of self compassion is scary, for it means we must share our deepest, darkest, and most vulnerable fears and feel the rawest pains within us as well. The good thing is it gets easier the more we do it. The soothing balm of self compassion means separating momentarily into the witness who watches those hurt places and parts within us and then offers them a listening ear, a kind eye, a loving dialog and a warm embrace in order to feel through and release what has been judged as bad or wrong. 

There is nothing that cannot be healed with compassion. Maybe that is why we are so scared of it? That it is just so darn powerful. We hold the most powerful antidote to pain and suffering right here within us. That power is incredible. Though the pathway through is a warrior's path. We must go through the pain with Self Compassion as our loving protector in order to get through to the other side where the door opens and more light and love is let in. 

Self compassion is a practice developed over time, often in a state of pause or stillness. It then becomes a loving action that originates from this place of beingness. There are so many ways we can give love to ourselves, but it first starts with stopping and listening to what it is that we need. If we pause long enough, we start to hear these needs speaking to us. And we also start to realize when we don't listen to them, they get louder, more incessant, and will become intertwined with other needs. This is why it is so important on a daily basis to take some time, even if it is for a few minutes, to stop, pause, and just be with ourselves without any distractions. 

If you are looking for ways to come into stillness to develop more self compassion, my free restorative yoga class is still avaialble and it can be practiced right from the comfort of your own home.

Another way to get still is to practice meditation and use the self study curriculum of A Course in Miracles which I often teach from. A Course in Miracles has a 365 day workbook that assists us in undoing fear-based thinking and parts of ourselves that are frozen in pain in order to allow the light of self compassion within us to guide us.

How do we practice the act of self compassion? Let me count the ways :)