Long-lasting Benefits of Restorative Yoga

What are the long lasting benefits of Restorative Yoga?

Healing within the body can only happen now. We live in a society where we feel guilty for being still, or if we take time to be still, we are usually doing something else. This prevents the body from properly resting if our attention is split onto many different things at once. 

Restorative Yoga is a great way to feel supported in being still, when being still is not our natural go to. 

Here is a list of things that Restorative Yoga helps with:

Restorative Yoga switches us from the sympathetic nervous system (fight, freeze, flight, fawn response) to the parasympathetic nervous system (rest, relax, and digest response) within 15 minutes. 

Releases Trauma

Dissolves Muscle Tension 

Increases awareness of fascia and connective tissue (the emotional membrane of the muscles)

Activates cerebro-spinal fluid which increases the flow of energy and information processed in the body. 

Increases digestive functioning

Helps reduce bloat, acid reflux and digestive illnesses

Improves Sleeping Habits

Supports Emotional Awareness

Combats insomnia, restless sleep, and difficulty falling asleep by using one of the most powerful poses in yoga.

Supports Meditation Practice

Restorative yoga is a doorway into stillness for even the most restless person.

It Helps You Cope with Everyday Stress

75 minutes is equal to 4 hours of well rested SLEEP!

Creates feelings of warmth ,love and peace

Helps us get in touch with our inner loving parent and inner child

I hope this list inspires you to give Restorative Yoga a try! Feel free to check out my free online restorative yoga e-course -here-. You get to do it in your bed :D

Jennifer Mele is a licensed psychotherapist, yoga teacher and artist. She has almost 15 years of mindfulness based practice and training and is deeply dedicated to supporting people in releasing their inner critical voice that often prevents them from taking time to relax. She shares her own recovery and journey from living in a dysfunctional and addicted family through her art, writing, and creative healing work.