It's Never Too Late to Open Your Heart

Opening my heart was something that came later in life for me. It wasn't

something that I ever knew how to do! I definitely didn't learn it at home.

And I didn't learn it at school or from watching tv.  


It didn't seem like anyone around me knew about it either. Actually, I spent a

lot of time learning how to close my heart. Yes, it was a survival mechanism,

yet in my adult life it was keeping stuck and in pain. 


By the time I found help, I wanted my problems to be fixed, but I had no idea

that the answers were within me. I'd been searching for so long, I never

realized part of the answer was to stop searching and to start listening.


For those of you who come by here often, and those of you who are just stopping by, I want you to know that you don't have to do this alone.


That even if you've been looking for answers for a really long time, there is hope.

There is more than hope, there is a solution.

That you are more resilient, strong, malleable, and whole than you've ever realized!


That this strength is within you, not outside of you. 

That even though when it feels like life is really hard, exhausting, and you don't want to go on any longer, that you are still making shifts beneath the surface.

That those longstanding patterns that seem like they will never change, WILL.


That timing is everything and it is one thing we have no control over. That letting go of it is one of the most powerful ways to finding peace .

That all of the feelings you have ever had have made complete sense and it is your acceptance of them that will allow them to soften away.


I want you to know I am STILL learning more deeply about how to open my heart each and every moment and that there is no doubt that I Iearn this everyday from you.