Is This For You?

If you are a creative, sensitive, intelligent person looking for a holistic approach to address depression, anxiety, feelings of emptiness, chronic disappointment, dis-ease or an intense inner critic within any of the following areas: relationships, work, food, body image and life transitions, then you are in the right place!

If you keep repeating patterns over and over again and you can't understand why but you desperately want to stop, welcome! 

If you have found that you are tired of quick fixes that don't work, empty self help promises that leave you confused, overwhelmed and feeling worse about yourself, and you are someone who is willing, courageous, and just can't give up, then you are also in the right place!

My work teaches the information, skills, techniques and compassionate wisdom that we were meant to learn from the very beginning. This place is a safe haven for you to talk, trust, and feel.