Healing is an Art

Discovering our true aliveness as a creator and architect of our lives is a warrior's path. Because at every turn, we meet characters along the way that we must learn how to welcome and embrace in order to let our true inspiration shine. 

Healing is our greatest art and creativity is our true nature. I believe your creativity has little to do with creating actual art (though this may be your joy) and much more to do with embracing your strength to

I believe the heart of our creative genius can only come alive when we allow ourselves to talk, trust, and feel and get to know our inner friend and parent that is there for us unconditionally. 

Along the way, we meet our inner critic, worried, tense, hypervigilant, yet a true hero in survival that has protected our vulnerable child within for all this time. Opening our hearts gently and at our own pace, we allow the critic to resign his or her tiresome role and release the burden of carrying on an impossible job. 

This allows our inner child to come alive!