10 Ways to Cope When Your Life + Business Feels Unmanageable

10 ways to cope when your business feels unmanageable

Hi there! It’s Jen here, CEO Mentor, Licensed Expert Therapist + Abstract Artist.

Today I’m going to talk about 10 Ways to Cope when your Life and Business feels unmanageable. Many of these strategies can be applied to life events in general, so feel free to be generous with yourself!

  1. Acknowledge it.

This seems like the most obvious but you’d be surprised how easily it is to shy away from reality and what is actually happening. We often slip right past stating the obvious, overthinking a deeper meaning or trying to analyze or hack the way around what is going on.

This is because when things feel unmanageable an we are in the fight or flight response, we go into problem solving mode. This mode actually does us a disservice when we are being mindful.

To acknowledge something, we have to be present. We can use all sorts of cues that bring us into the moment to do this.

  • How you are feeling (frustrated, angry, sad, tired etc)

  • What sensations you are experiencing (neck pain, racing heartbeat, shortness of breath, tension in your wrists etc)

  • Stating the facts (Example: Today I felt exhausted after that presentation and had no energy left to do anything. I don’t like feeling that way.)

2. Give Yourself Uninterrupted Time To Reflect

Take an inventory of everything that you’ve been doing over the past several days and weeks.

  • Have their been any new life events?

  • Are there any transitions that are happening in your life?

  • Did you just start implementing a new strategy in your business?

  • Is a new strategy you are using not working?

  • How has your work/life balance been?

  • Is it time to outsource something?

Taking time to reflect on what is going on is really an extension of the first way to cope.

However, we are going deeper.

Instead of just acknowledging the feeling and reality of not being able to keep up with all that we are doing, we are getting into the nitty gritty details and being honest with ourselves.

3. Rest

This probably feels like the last thing you have time for or need to do right now because it feels like there is too much going on. This is the exact reason why you need to do it.

Whenever the body and mind are communicating that something is of utmost urgency (and your life is truly not in danger) than it is your flight or fight response talking.

Running a business and doing life are not sustainable when we are in constant go mode. The only way to switch out of the flight or fight response is to start resting your body. This is how the relaxation response will kick in and bring you back to balance.

It’s going to feel extremely uncomfortable at first to do less or stop altogether. Try to set a timer. If 15 minutes feels like a stretch, do that. If an hour does, try that. There is no right amount of time and different people have different needs.

4. Tell someone you trust

Never underestimate the power of sharing what you are going through. Bonus points if you share with someone who is going through the same thing right now or has had similar experiences as you have.

When things feel unmanageable, we often feel alone or like we have the weight of the world on our shoulders. We can also feel like no one truly understands. These are parts of ourselves, not our true self feeling this way and by sharing, we shed some light on the fact that we are never really alone.

5. Unmanageability is not who you are.

As mentioned in the previous point, unmanageability is coming from a part of yourself that is feeling this way. It may be an extremely valid point of view. It definitely has a lot to share. (See #1 and #2 on more prompts for how to do this)

However, when you can see that the unmanageability is not all of who you are, it helps you get distance from it. Parts that are hurting calm down when they feel heard.

6. Let go of judging yourself

Unmanageability comes up for everyone at different times. Try not to use this an opportunity for beating yourself up for taking too much on. Life is a learning process and we have to try things out in order to know what works and what doesn’t. If this is a common pattern for you, you may want to check out my Free CONFIDENT CEO ASSESSMENT to see if Imposter Syndrome is affecting you and your biz.

7. Surrender

Be okay with not having an immediate answer. I know it’s going to feel really urgent to get things straightened out, but it’s going to take time to first and foremost bring your nervous system back to center and then keep evaluating what changes you can implement.

Surrender can look like:

  • Taking deep breaths in and out and saying: “I trust the process”.

  • Visualizing taking all of your problems and placing them in the hands of a buddha or other spiritual or wise figure.

  • Putting your worries onto little pieces of paper and placing them into a jar.

8. Know you will get through this

There are ebbs and flows to life. This is just one of them. This is not evidence of your failure or that you aren’t cut out for what you are doing. It could be a sign that you have pivot or change courses, but that is only something you will know once the storm has passed. Try not to make drastic life and business altering decisions when you are in this state. Let things unfold and wait for more answers with time.

9. Depend on Your Higher Self

Know that you have a true higher self that is looking out for you. This higher self wants to help you. It wants to take care of you. It is within you at all times even when you can’t feel it or relate to it. It is there even when you don’t believe it is.

10. Do something for release

Find an activity where you can burn off some steam. Whether that be painting, exercise, taking a bath or singing at the top of your lungs to loud music, give yourself the opportunity to let go of that excess energy. This will help to calm and relax you faster and will bring clarity much sooner than holding on and stuffing the feelings away.

I hope you found these 10 ways to cope when your life + business feels unmanageable helpful!

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To living an inspired 5 star life and biz!



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