Embracing All Parts of Your Self

Our life begins to flow as we tap into the wisdom of our True Self and learn how to see each part of ourself as having a good intention, of needing attention, and like a small child, in need of some good parenting...friending....loving.

There are many ways to learn about these parts and I share a lot about that on this site and in my workshops. 

Overwhelm, feeling hijacked into a life situation, pattern or emotion that doesn't feel like it will end or ever change, obsessive thinking, and an array of intense voices are all indications that your parts just need some attention.

They are like kids in a classroom who are all trying to get the attention of their teacher at the exact same time. 

Your True Self is that teacher. However, if you are at the beginning of learning about this transformational truth, know that it is something that takes time and small, gentle, consistent action while trusting the process to develop.

This often means finding a teacher, mentor, support system and/or community who "gets" it. 

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