These exercises can be completed in a separate journal from the art prompt or in the same one.

Feel free to take several days to complete the exercises.

Day 7:  The Sacred Container

Take some moments to write down any last thoughts, feelings, words, or rewrite some brief excerpts from your previous journal entries onto slips of paper. 

You might even wish to tear your journal pages into pieces randomly or cut different words or sentences that stand out to you from your journal.




Another option is to find some magazines, old books you don't feel attached to anymore, or old art projects, journals, and/or notebooks that you have lying around. Cut out any words, emotions, thoughts, sentences that stand out to you when it comes to this relationship you are wishing to release. 

Now, collect all of the scraps and pieces of paper that you have selected. You can place them one by one in the box you made in the previous lesson, holding each one consciously and imagining as you drop it into the box that you are releasing it into a sacred healing container. 

You may also wish to take all of the pieces as a whole, cup them in your hands, place them in a jar or bowl, and do the same as you pour them gently into the box you created. 

This box is now for you to do with it that which you like. You can keep it and still use it if you are having lingering thoughts and feelings about this relationship and/or situation. 

You can find a place to throw it away or burn it (in a safe place). 




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